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Superfast broadband arrives in Tallington

BT Openreach have finished installing our new green cabinet on Bainton Road (opposite Church Lane) and it is up and running. Speeds of up to 58Mbps down and 25Mbps up are available depending upon the broadband supplier and your distance from the green cabinet. Everyone in the village should see a significant improvement over the previous speeds of 3Mbps down and 0.2Mbps up.

All Tallington residents can contact their current internet service provider (ISP) and request an upgrade to the superfast fibre broadband service. You are not obliged to stay with your current ISP, nor do you have to sign up to BT’s Infinity service. You can keep your telephone line with BT and choose another company for your broadband. Everyone is free to shop around for the best deal (subject to their current contract).

19.8.2014 - Newsletter No. 9 attached

31.12.2014 - Newsletter No. 8 attached - information re Level Crossing

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