Publications and documents

This website aims to provide enquirers with all the key information about the village and the Parish Council.  The Council aims to keep the information up to date, and from time to time new subjects are added when this seems appropriate.  Any suggestions for improving the website and its content would be welcome.

The Council has also adopted a Publication Scheme, as it is obliged to do as a Public Authority in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  At its meeting in November, the Council adopted a new scheme following a new model established by the Information Commissioner.  This new Publication Scheme takes effect from 1 January 2009.  It may be viewed via the link below, and gives details of the information which is available and the way that it may be accessed (and where appropriate the charge which may be incurred). 

Many documents are available on this website – on the pages mentioned in the Publication Scheme.  The following document (which is also referred to in the Publication Scheme) may be viewed via the link below:

Code of Conduct for Parish Councillors