Development in the District

SKDC has been developing a new “local development framework” (LDF) which will form the basis on which decisions about development in the district will be based for the period to 2026.  The final version of the Core Strategy of the LDF was published on 16 January, and subject to any final modifications will be submitted to the Government for examination in the next few months.

A copy of the proposed Core Strategy may be found on the Local Development Framework page of the SKDC website (link below); [the period for making representations has now passed].

One of the key issues of the strategy as it effects the village is that there is unlikely to be new development in Tallington.  The Core Strategy focuses new development on Grantham (approximately 7000 houses to be built between 2008 and 2026), with some development also envisaged in Stamford (1000 houses), Bourne (1800 houses) and the Deepings (nearly 800 houses).  About 750 houses would be permitted in 16 large villages which have a good range of community services.

Tallington is not one of these villages, and the strategy would provide that any development in villages like ours would only be permitted for

  1. affordable housing (rural exception or allocated sites)
  2. agriculture, forestry or equine development
  3. rural diversification projects
  4. local services & facilities
  5. replacement buildings (on a like for like basis); or
  6. conversions of buildings, provided that the existing building(s):
  •  contribute to the character & appearance of the local area by virtue of their historic, traditional or vernacular form;
  • are in sound structural condition; and
  • are suitable for conversion without substantial alteration, extension or rebuilding, and
  • that the works to be undertaken do not detract from the character of the building(s) or their setting.

The Core Strategy provides for a total of 450 new houses of the type described above spread across the 60 or so parishes in this category, so it clearly does not provide for a development as large as 3000 houses, as referred to in the Stamford Mercury on 16 January.

In addition the Core Strategy notes, in connection with transport issues, that the current Lincolnshire local transport plan (LTP) does not include any proposals which impact on the strategic road network within South Kesteven District.  During the lifetime of the LTP (to 2021) the County Council will examine the feasibility of various schemes, including a Grantham relief road and a Stamford Bypass/Relief Road.  But longer-term schemes, including the A15/A151 Bourne Bypass and the A16 Tallington Bypass, are unlikely to be considered before 2021 unless there is a major change in national funding or opportunities arise through development led proposals.  (As noted above, any development led opportunities would be limited.)