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Neighbourhood planning

The  Localism Act introduced a new local tier to the planning system called neighbourhood planning. This enables Town and Parish Councils to prepare, with the community they represent, a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) or Neighbourhood Development Order (NDO).

Local people can now take a proactive role in shaping the future of the areas they live in. Neighbourhood Plans or Orders need to conform to the existing higher level planning framework but can still offer communities the ability to create a local solution to local issues.

Writing a neighbourhood plan is a fantastic way to become more involved in your local area. Our neighbourhood planning group will need to talk to lots of people locally – residents, businesses, community groups, schools – to find out what’s important to them about where they live, what they’d like to improve and what their vision is for the local area.

We are currently preparing to hold an additional information evening on the benefits of a Neighbourhood Plan., with leaflets due to be distributed in June.