Tealby Parish News - Defibrillators


Available in Tealby

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TEALBY PARISH COUNCIL are delighted to offer the facility of a Defibrillators which are a potentially life saving piece of equipment for young and old alike. Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) knows no boundaries but no matter where or when it strikes, early use of a defibrillator can help save lives.The defibrillators are placed at the Tennis Club and in the Telephone Box .

A Huge thanks goes to Councillor Lynda Bowen and Tealby Bowls & Tennis Club for contributions for the purchase of these essential pieces of equipment, which Tealby Parish Council will maintain and insure.

If you think someone is having a Cardiac Arrest the first course of action is to phone 999 to ensure an ambulance is on its' way. The operator will ask your name, contact number and location. The operator will give you the code for the cabinet. Type this into the keypad and the cabinet will open to give you access to the defibrillator. Follow the step by step instructions on how to use the defibrillator on the victim.

The defibrillator is designed to deliver a shock only if it determines a heart needs it. It will not shock a victim who doesn't need it nor will it shock the person trying to help.

During Cardiac Arrest, the normally organised electrical impulses that initiate the heartbeat discharge chaotically, and the heart muscle twitches spasmodically. The defibrillator applies a brief pulse of electrical current to a heart, allowing the heart's normal electrical system to resume control.