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 OPT IN FOR £35 A YEAR TO HAVE YOUR GREEN WASTE COLLECTED.  The new garden waste opt-in collection service will begin in April 2018 and free collections will cease after this time. Households wishing to carry on receiving collections from April 2018 will need to have signed up and paid for the service by then. The cost of the new garden waste service is £35 per year, per bin. Additional bins are also priced at £35 per year.

Signing up for April 2018

You can now sign up and pay online by debit or credit card. Please use the link at the top of the page. This will be the easiest and quickest way, alternatively you will be able to pay over the phone.

Once you've paid you'll be sent a garden waste sticker to place on your bin. This will show that you have paid for the year. We want your property name or number to be clearly marked on this sticker. The stickers are best placed on the rear of the bin under the handle. This allows the collection crew to easily see them when the bin is put out with the handles pointed towards the road.

Signing up halfway through the year

You can sign up to receive the service at any point during the year. The current service runs from the start of April until the end of November each year. A charge would be made from 1 April. If you sign up part way through the year you will still pay the same annual subscription.

Signing up for future years

We plan that you will be charged from the start of the fortnightly collection season each year. You will receive an annual reminder to renew your subscription when we deliver collection calendars. You can opt out of the service at any time but you will not be entitled to a refund.

More than one bin

As now, all garden waste collected must fit within the green bin, with the bin lid closed. Properties can have more than one garden waste bin as long as there is suitable storage and collection point. There is no limit on the number of bins residents can have.