Tealbys Extreme Weather Team

Real Tealby Winters .. A beautiful scene, but not for the feint hearted ..

Winter Wonderland

Photo by Martin Shilling

Winter Wonderland

Can you remember proper cold winters? 

Well some can, and although it can be fun for a while it can soon turn into a dilemma, if you haven't the support network around you!

Lincolnshire County Council promote Emergency Planning Units, mainly for flooding, but extreme weather events in general, and it is felt that Tealby would benefit for such a unit for severe weather related events, such as snow.

A Team in Action

Photo by BBC News

A Team in Action

There are many scenarios that may crop up, and what we are looking is a team of people who are willing to co-ordinate tasks related to such an event.

We need people that are calm in a crisis, organised and have access to the internet and a phone.

The parish council will formulate up to date contact numbers of support services, ie - plumbers, electricians, breakdown/recovery services etc for emergencies.

Residents owning 4x4 vehicles that are willing to be included on an emergency list would be a great benefit.

The parish council will make enquires regarding salt, shovels and other equipment that may be available to use.

Would you like a call if the weather turns bad??? Should you be on the list?? 

If you answer yes to one of the questions below then the answer is probably yes.

  • For residents who may live on their own and need supplies, or prescriptions.
  • For residents who may be receiving ongoing essential hospital treatment.
  • For residents who have chronic heart or pulmonary illness or other chronic illness .
  • For residents who are physically challenged in icy/snowy conditions.
  • For residents who receive meals or daily carers.
  • For residents who may have a household emergency, frozen or burst pipes, no heating etc.

The parish council is happy to formulate and keep a confidential list of anybody who would like to be on a response list - to be identified as requiring a call in extreme weather situations.
A Proper Winter

Photo byMartin Shilling

A Proper Winter

Your name and telephone number will be placed confidentially on the list, and only distributed with your permission at a time of extreme weather.To be held by the Parish Clerk. (You will receive a form to sign which will be filed for data protection purposes).