Tetney Parish Plan

Containing updates and other essential information

Since May 2010 a steering group has been working with our community to identify its, views and aspirations in order that a community plan could be created to guide the future needs of Tetney.

Many thanks to all members of the community who have participated in community engagement activities such as the open event at the village hall or who have returned their household questionnaire. 

The information provided has been collated into the Tetney Community Plan.  This plan details the needs, views and aspirations of our community and identifies the actions needed in order to enable these needs to be met.   

The plan will be updated as actions are undertaken to address our community‚Äôs needs and as such the most effective way to view the plan is through the website as this enables you to have access to the current information and also supports sustainability. 

If you are able to help our community by assisting in the achievement in one of more of the key needs identified through the plan then please let us know by contacting any of your parish councilors