councillor Anne Winslow

I grew up in Humberston and have lived in other parts of Grimsby/Cleethorpes and surrounding villages as an adult. My husband and I decided we wanted to be part of a village community and live a more country lifestyle so we chose Tetney and moved here on 30th November 2010. We woke up on our first morning in our home to a foot of snow and no cars anywhere. It was a magical morning as everyone in the village seemed to be out in wellies with children, sledges, dogs and shovels and mostly heading towards the Spar shop all very friendly and chatty. A day I will always remember. I wanted to get to know people and be part of the village so I attended local events and volunteered at the School for over a year. Last year (2012) I applied for the position of Village Councillor so I could be further involved with the village. Being a Councillor is something new to me and I feel like I am still learning the ropes but having moved here to be part of a village life, and knowing that a lot of people have lived here their whole lives, as a Councillor I would like to help preserve that village/community spirit.

Councilor Anne Winslow

Photo by Tetne6y Parish council

councilor Anne Winslow

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