minutes of meeting 8 oct 2015

minutes of meeting 8 oct 2015

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Held on the 8th October 2015 at Tetney Village Hall

Present: - Councillors: Y. Fletcher B. Maynard (Chair)

G. Lane S. McMillan (Vice Chair)

T. Powell S. Booth (Clerk)

R. Lukehurst A. Winslow

B. Holden

Public: - 4 + Cllr Watson (Dist. Councillor)


  • Chairman Maynard welcomed the Councillors and members of the public. He outlined where Fire exits and extinguishers were situated, where to assemble in an emergency, that the building was a “No smoking” establishment and that the Council policy folder was available at the rear of the room.


  • Apologies were received in advance from Cllr Bridges.


  1. To record declarations of interest by any member of the Council in respect of the agenda items listed below. Members declaring interests should identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared. None

  2. To note dispensations given to any member of the Council in respect of the agenda items listed below. None


  • Had been previously circulated. It was proposed by Cllr Fletcher and seconded by Cllr Lukehurst to accept the Minutes. Resolved to accept minutes. These be adopted as a true record’.


  • A member of the public asked if in relation to planning application N/178/01664/15 the Council would put forward the need for a footpath.

  • Cllr Maynard presented Mr and Mrs Shawcross with a trophy and prize for winning the Best Kept Half Size Allotment competition.

  • Cllr Holden thanked the Parish Council for their help with the recent traveller problems and he offered thanks to the Council members who had actually helped with the clear up of the field.


  • Invited Cllr Leyland to Feb meeting

  • Contacted Anglian Water re toilet grate.

  • Arrange for tree lights to be checked.

  • Reported overgrown hedge on Tetney Lock rd (ref 101000049333)

  • Reported fly tip at recycle centre.

  • Put brief item in Village Voice re Best Kept Village.

  • Asked Playschool to design poster for Best Kept Village comp.

  • Put in planning comments.

  • Emailed comments on evolving area committee meetings.

  • Wrote thank you letters to allotment judge and Limagrain for prizes.

  • Chased up dog bin removal.

  • Created information on the role of the Parish Council for school presentation.


  1. LCC – No report

  2. ELDC – Cllr Watson has been working alongside Victoria Atkins MP regarding the recent traveller problems incurred by Mr Holden and Mr Doulton. Encouraged Parish Council to contact Chief Exec of ELDC about permanent traveller site in the District. Fly tip reported on Holton Rd. Cllr Watson will look into the lack of communication received regarding the removal of dog bins.

  3. Outside representatives – Cllrs Powell and Winslow attended Phillips66 emergency plan meeting and questioned what information had been sent out to residents as none had been received. Phillips66 to look into sending out information calendars. £11.5 million spent on new fire system, 1 oil tank converted to hold water in case of fire. Emergency simulation planned for 7th Sept 2016.

  4. NDP – Letter received from the NDP group explaining the group had folded due to lack of support from ELDC practically and financially. Cllr Fletcher thanked the group for their efforts. Cllr Watson given copy of the letter.


**All applications comments are available to view at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk

  1. To consider the following planning applications

N/178/01639/15 Mrs Everett No objections

N/178/01638/15 Mrs Everett No objections

N/178/01664/15 Mr Bridges Footpath condition needed.

N/178/01547/15 ASC Renewables Objection

N/178/01504/15 Tetney Golf Club

  1. To receive planning decisions

N/178/01270/15 Mr Casswell Approved

N/178/00877/15 Mr Ellis Approved

N/178/01458/15 Ms Burnay Approved

N/178/01383/15 Mr Virdi Approved


Cllr Powell declared an interest as he is a member of CAB however not for the Louth branch.

Citizen Advice Bureau - Donation Request

Cllr Maynard proposed £25 donation, seconded by Cllr Holden. All in favour, except Cllr Powell who did not participate in the discussion or vote.

51/15 Parish Council matters

  1. Tetney Lock – Thanks were offered to the Clerk for her assistance with the 30mph zone, this is now active although speeding is still occurring between the pub and Coastguard Cottages. Repeater signs have been requested by residents. White lines have still not been replaced, Clerk to chase up and ask for 30mph to be painted on rd. Dog foul bags being left in grit bin at pub rather than in litter bin across rd. Clerk to request dog bin be sited at bridge and emptied.

  2. Village Hall/Toilets – Toilet grant finished, Clerk to create spreadsheet on costs incurred in future. Toilet grate belongs to Parish Council.

  3. Cemetery, Churchyard and Jubilee Gardens – Clerk to order Remembrance Day Wreath, Clerk attended Burial seminar.

  4. Allotments- No report.

  5. Footpaths, roads, trees, lighting and fly tip- Clerk to report fly tip of several items on Holton Rd, several large pot holes on Station Rd, trip hazard caused by broken Anglian Water marker post outside Rams Cottage on Holton Rd, road sign at crossroads leaning. Chapel Garth to have road resurfaced early Nov. Branch previously reported overhanging Station Rd still there.

  6. Dog foul, litter bins, benches and notice boards- Email sent to Gary Murray asking about removal of dog bins, still waiting for reply.

  7. Police matters and website- October is home security awareness month. Clerk asked if an external hard drive could be researched. Cllr McMillan to investigate.

  8. Best Kept Village – Comments received from judges were disappointing, majority of comments were about areas beyond Parish Council control.

  9. Christmas Fair – Clerk to add to regulations that refreshments were only to be supplied by the kitchen and stalls were not to sell drinks or individual cakes or bags of crisps. Fair invite letters ready to post. Tree surgeon suggested replacing section of cable along trunk to alleviate light problems however Electrician checked lights and said not trunk cable at fault, all lights need to be removed and cable harness checked for fault. Clerk to arrange.


52/15 Financial matters

a) Expenses accrued in Sept/Oct 15 (paid 8/10/15 unless otherwise stated)

S. Booth Clerk’s salary £ 498.96p- paid 10/9/15

S. Booth Clerk’s salary £ 498.96p

S. Booth Expenses £ 245.10p

S. Stinson Caretaker £ 200.00p- paid 10/9/15

S. Stinson Caretaker £ 200.00p

C. Bovill Contractor £ 700.00p- paid 10/9/15

C. Bovill Contractor £ 700.00p

Jas. Martin Allotment Rent £ 725.00p

LALC Burial seminar fee £ 23.50p

Anglian Water Toilet bill £ 69.27p- paid 15/9/15

Anglian Water Allotment bill £ 20.98p- paid 15/9/15

E-On Toilet Electric bill £ 26.70p- paid 24/9/15

Citizen Advice Donation £ 25.00p

b)Receipts in Sept/Oct 15

Mrs Cormack Burial plot purchase £ 220.00p

ELDC Precept £ 8,250.00p

c)Bank Balance

Treasurer’s Account 793 £ 3,301.62p

Business Money Manager Account 386 £ 14,591.64p

Business Money Manager Account 249 (Toilets) £ 2.84p

Money Market Account 113 (former NS&I) £ 13,634.46p

Proposed by Cllr Powell and seconded by Cllr Fletcher. ‘These sums be paid’.

Carried unanimously

53/15. Extraordinary items

For information only – School Christmas concerts key stage 1 – 11th Dec, 10am & 3pm, key stage 2 – 14th Dec 2pm & 6pm.

54/15 Next Agenda

BKV- off, Policy renewals, Resolution on dispensations.

55/15 Future dates

Thursday 12th November 2015

Thursday 10th December 2015 - cancelled

Thursday 14th January 2016, in the Village Hall at 7.30pm


Council decided to go into closed session. Meeting finished at 9.15 pm.

Pecuniary Interest declaration forms were discussed following formal training attended by the Clerk and Cllr Lukehurst.

Clerk showed Cllrs cemetery archive books which have not been completed since 2006 due to poor organisation of paperwork by previous Clerks. Clerk also produced a small batch of cemetery paperwork that had taken 16 hours to sort and put in chronological order.