Minutes of meeting 11 Jan 2018

Minutes 11 Jan 2018

Held on the 11
January 2018 at Tetney Village Hall
Present: - Councillors: S. McMillan (Chair)
B. Holden A. Winslow
Y. Fletcher T. Hill
T. Powell R. Lukehurst
B. Maynard S. Booth (Clerk)
Public: - 2 + Cllr Watson (Dist. Cllr) + Cllr Mcnally (County Cllr)
? Cllr McMillan welcomed the Councillors and members of the public and
wised them all a happy new year. He outlined where Fire exits and
extinguishers were situated, where to assemble in an emergency, that the
building was a “No smoking” establishment and that the Council policy folder
was available at the rear of the room.
? No apologies received, all present.
a) To record declarations of interest by any member of the Council in respect
of the agenda items listed below. Members declaring interests should
identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared. All Cllrs item
10/18d -Precept
b) To note dispensations given to any member of the Council in respect of the
agenda items listed below. Responsible Officer gave dispensation to all
Cllrs as per standing orders.
? Had been previously circulated. It was proposed by Cllr Hill and seconded by
Cllr Fletcher to accept the Minutes. Resolved to accept minutes. These be
adopted as a true record’.
? Member of the public raised the ongoing problem of fly tipping at the recycle
centre, it was explained that ELDC are responsible for the area and we have
previously asked for the area to be screened, or removed or to be resurfaced
for parking but this has not been sanctioned by ELDC. Cllr Watson to speak
with the relevant dept. about the area.
? Member of the public raised the issue of how unsightly the mud mound in the
cemetery is. He was advised that once the cemetery extension was finalised
the plan was to spread the heap over the new land to raise it to the level of the
current cemetery. He asked if this could be done now before whilst everything
is dormant. On reflection it was felt this would cause too much mess and it
should be done in a couple of months. There is only 1 row of graves left to fill
before the heap will interfere with burials so the matter must be address soon.
Minutes January 2018
? Tetney Lock Rd is subsiding dangerously between Hoop End and New
Delights. Clerk to report to Highways.
? A resident, who is also a gritter driver for NE Lincs, asked for a grit bin to be
placed at the crossroads. It was explained that we have had grit bins removed
by LCC for cost reasons and they are not prepared to fill any more than the 3
we already have at the north end of the village. The resident produced a
costings list for refilling bins if we bought some. Glasdon sell 0.5 tonne
capacity bins for £250 each and after debate it was agreed that 3 bins would be
sufficient for now. For Engie, who have rock salt stored in Grimsby to fill 1
bin = £150, 2 bins = £180 and 3 bins = £210. The resident would be happy to
check levels and report back when bins need filling and he has all the
qualifications and certificates need to work on the highway.
The Clerk will contact LCC and ask if we are allowed to proceed with buying
The bins, if there is a certain colour needed and if an immobile property
agreement is necessary. Clerk to contact insurance company.
Cllr McNally also stated that the Parish self- help scheme could provide 1 bag
of rock salt to a designated place, Cllr Fletcher suggested contacting Mr Shore
on Station Rd to see if he would be willing to store it in his yard and spread
salt on the Station Rd/A16 junction as previously happened.
The 3 bins would be located on Town Rd/Chapel Rd corner, North End
Rd/Humberston Rd outside Humberston Terrace and Church Lane/ Thoresby
Rd junction.
? Speeding vehicles along Humberston Rd was also raised by both members of
the public. They were advised that a meeting had taken place with Richard
Davies, Portfolio holder for Highways, and he said there wasn’t an issue. Cllr
McNally advised that an Archer survey would identify speeding issues. (See
item 10/18f)
? Submitted planning comments for Braybrook farm, Cruikshank, Caudwells
? Submitted comments to Fairer Funding for Lincolnshire campaign.
? Sent letter of thanks to Mr Hind for his work around Jubilee Gardens.
? Asked LCC if allowed to cut grass outside school.
? Renewed Money Market account for 6mths.
? Compiled precept figures.
? Asked Cllr Watson to contact ELDC re toilets not being compliant to regs.
when handed over.
? Asked Contractor to finish cut in Churchyard.
? Sent thank you letter to sign writer.
? Produced and sent out Christmas fair flyers to school.
? Reported pothole outside cemetery.
? Invited Mr Chris Panton, ELDC Planning dept., to the March meeting.
Minutes January 2018
a) ELDC – ELDC Local Plan out for consultation on the modifications, ends on
Feb. Modifications include proposed traveller sites. New protocol for
calling in a planning application, requests are now put to a 3 panel group who
then decide if the application should go to committee. Unless there are serious
concerns from the Parish Council and lots of comments from the public ,
applications will be called in to the planning committee.
b) LCC – A unanimous vote of no confidence was returned by LCC when the
non- emergency ambulance service (TENS) went to scrutiny.
c) Outside representatives – No report.
**All applications comments are available to view at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk
a) To consider the following planning applications
N/178/02028/17 Mr Cruikshank Loss of heritage, drainage
N/178/02379/17 Mr Bannister (Golf Club) Awaiting comments
N/178/02354/17 Mr Havery No objections
N/178/02391/17 Caudwells No objections
N/178/02028/17 Mr Cruikshank Awaiting comments
b) To receive planning decisions
N/178/01621/17 Land Developers Approved
N/178/01989/17 Land Developers (Golf Club) Withdrawn
Cllr Powell left the meeting at 9.10pm.
10/18 Parish Council matters
a) Tetney Lock - Dog bin relocated to Coastguard Cottages.
b) Village Hall/Toilets – Toilets have been unblocked after a broken toilet seat
was pushed into the u-bend and are now re-opened. Caps have been fitted on
the stench pipes. Urinals have been unblocked but the sensor is still not
working, Cllr Hill proposed putting in a manual push button for flushing,
seconded by Cllr Holden, all in favour.
Rats had accessed the cupboard and chewed through sand bags, boxes have
been bought to store toilet rolls, materials, gloves and cloths in. New toilet roll
holders have bought. Payment to be made to Caretaker for extra hours Cllr
Hill proposed £100, seconded by Cllr McMillan, all in favour.
c) Cemetery, Churchyard and Jubilee Gardens – Cemetery fees discussed, Clerk
to update and circulate. New fees proposed by Cllr Fletcher, seconded by Cllr
Holden, all in favour. Discussion on renewal of cemetery path as a project for
this year. Flagpole top has been repaired, thanks goes to Mr Stinson for doing
Cllr Powell returned to the meeting at 9.20pm.
d) Precept - It was agreed keep the precept at the current rate of £17,500,
proposed by Cllr Holden, seconded by Cllr Powell, all in favour.
Minutes January 2018