Minutes May 2018

Draft minutes for 10th May 2018

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Held on the 10
May 2018 at Tetney Village Hall
Present: - Councillors: S. McMillan (Chair) B. Maynard (Vice Chair)
B. Holden Y. Fletcher
T. Hill R. Lukehurst
T. Powell P. Hotchin
S. Booth (Clerk)
Public: - 0 + Cllr Watson.
? Cllr McMillan welcomed the Councillors and public to the meeting. He
outlined where Fire exits and extinguishers were situated, where to assemble
in an emergency, that the building was a “No smoking” establishment and that
the Council policy folder was available at the rear of the room.
? Apologies were received in advance from Cllr Winslow and Cllr McNally due
to other commitments. Proposed to accept apologies by Cllr Hill, seconded by
Cllr Lukehurst. All in favour. Resolved to accept.
a) To record declarations of interest by any member of the Council in respect
of the agenda items listed below. Members declaring interests should
identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared. Cllr Holden,
item 72/18e
b) To note dispensations given to any member of the Council in respect of the
agenda items listed below. None
? Had been previously circulated. It was proposed by Cllr Fletcher and seconded
by Cllr Maynard to accept the Minutes. Resolved to accept minutes. These be
adopted as a true record’.
No report.
? Completed audit
? Reported disintegrating road surfaces on Fourways (ref 101000279513) and
Thoresby Rd (ref 101000279514)
? Contacted Countryside Dept for a meeting with Cllr Hotchin.
? Created allotment poster.
? Asked contractor to top up graves.
? Updated Cllr details on notice board and contact list.
? Send new Cllr paperwork to ELDC.
? Asked Cllr Watson to look into wind turbine community fund.

Minutes April 2018

? Reported pothole outside The Broads, Chapel Rd (ref 101000279517)
? Circulated policies, SO and GDPR regulations.
a) ELDC – Cllr Watson is working on the wind turbine community fund money
and where it has gone to, he will give an update when he has found anything
out. ELDC resolved to borrow £20million over 50 years at 2.5% to invest in
capital bonds at 7% return. The “profit” will be invested in new housing
projects in East Lindsey. Cllr Jones is the new Chairman of ELDC. Cllr
Watson remains on the planning committee and the audit and governance
b) LCC – Cllr McNally reported via the Clerk that the white lines on Tetney
Lock Road will be replaced within the next 4-6 weeks. Clerk to inform Cllr
McNally if it doesn’t happen.
c) Outside representatives – No report.
*All applications comments are available to view at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk
**Applications may not be discussed at meetings due to deadlines and lack of internet connection to
allow viewing of plans.
a) Planning applications received
b) N/178/02354/17 Mr Havery Neighbour concerns, noise, proximity, access, safety
c) Planning decisions received
*Cllr Fletcher suggested to Cllr Watson that ELDC could use QR codes on their
public planning notices so residents can scan the code and access further information
immediately. Cllr Watson to make the suggestion to the planning committee.
LALC - Resilient Communities meeting. *Cllr Lukehurst to
attend and to book his place.
72/18 Parish Council matters
a) Annual Governance Statement – Read out and approved by full Council.
b) Annual Audit Return – Reviewed by full Council and approved. Cllr McMillan
signed the forms. Clerk to send relevant papers to auditor and Cllr Maynard to
upload documents to website as per compliance instructions.
c) GDPR Compliance
i) To appoint The Council’s Data Protection Officer – The Clerk was proposed
by Cllr Fletcher, seconded by Cllr McMillan, all in favour.
ii) To adopt the Data Map – The map was completed and approved. Cllr
McMillan proposed adopting the map, seconded by Cllr Hill, all in favour.
iii) To adopt the data Protection Policy, Subject Access Request Procedure, Data
Breach Policy and Records Retention Policy. – All policies had been previously
circulated. Cllr Maynard proposed adopting all policies, seconded by Cllr
Lukehurst. All in favour.
Minutes April 2018
iv) To adopt Privacy Notices – Both public and staff notices had been previously
circulated, Cllr McMillan proposed adopting the notices, seconded Cllr
Maynard. All in favour.
v) To receive completed Security Compliance Checklist from ALL Councillors.
– All Cllrs returned their copies of the security compliance checklist, Cllr
Winslow had returned her copy to the Clerk earlier.
vi) To note that the Council is already registered with the ICO - The Council
registered with the ICO in April, certification held by the Clerk.
d) Cemetery, Churchyard and Jubilee Gardens – Clerk to get a further 2 quotes
from tree surgeons for cemetery tree work. Due to time constraints decision to be
made via email and minuted at next meeting. Cllr McMillan to ask Mr Mager if
his digger could be used to remove the mound in the cemetery. Thanks was
received from the PCC for the contribution to the grass cutting in the
churchyard. Clerk to ask cOntractor abot possibly gravelling around the tree and
if this would damage his equipment.
e) Allotments – Allotment dyke needs to be cleared. Cllr Fletcher to ask Mr Horner
if he is has the necessary equipment. New sign has been collected from sign-
writer, Clerk to arrange installation.
f) Footpaths, roads, trees, lighting and fly tip – Cllr Hotchin met with Jonathan
Stockdale from LC Countryside dept to discuss the right of way between North
End Rd and Stoney Way. LCC to send letters to 3 homeowners asking for them
to clear overhanging shrubbery within 28 days. The path is to be cut shortly and
if it needs to be done more regularly then Mr Stockdale suggested that our
contractor could it cut it and LCC would refund part of the cost as a way of
working with the parish. Pothole outside allotment has been filled although it is
breaking up again, Cllr Fletcher to report again. Lighting column 44 on Holton
Rd has been moved slightly so it does not block driveway access. Top surface of
the new footpath on Holton Rd will be installed after all houses have been built.
Fly tip on Holton Rd possibly asbestos, fly tip near Coast guard Cottages, Clerk
to report.
g) Standing Order review – Amendments were made to the Standing Orders.
Proposed to accept the amendments by Cllr Hill, seconded by Cllr Fletcher, all
in favour.
Financial matters
a) Expenses accrued in April/May 2018 ( paid 10/05/18 unless otherwise stated)
S. Booth Clerk’s salary £ 488.96p
S. Booth Expenses £ 20.00p
E. Weatherill Caretaker £ 200.00p
C. Bovill Contractor £ 625.00p
Nest Pension £ 85.00p
Lindsey Marsh Drainage Rates £ 17.20p
CRL Accountancy Internal Accountant £ 132.00p
b) Receipts
ELDC Precept £8,750.00p
Mr Holden Brickpits/allotment field £1276.00p
Minutes April 2018
c) Bank Balance
Treasurer’s Account 793 £ 3,064.70p
Business Money Manager Account 386 £ 8,925.36p
Money Market Account 113 (former NS&I) £ 13,741.38p
Proposed by Cllr Lukehurst and seconded by Cllr Fletcher . ‘These sums be paid’.
Carried unanimously
*Cllr Holden left the meeting at 9.20pm
74/18 Extraordinary items (for information purposes only)
Cllr McMillan proposed giving special dispensation to Cllr Winslow with regards to
non-attendance at meetings for a period of 6 months to commence after the June
meeting and to be reviewed again at the January meeting should there have been no
improvement. It was agreed that Cllr Winslow is an asset to the Council and her
absence is justifiable due to her extenuating circumstances. Proposal was seconded by
Cllr Lukehurst, all in favour. Clerk to inform Cllr Winslow that she does not need to
attend a meeting until January 2019 although apologies should still be given.
75/18. Next Agenda
Radar gun
76/18 Future dates,
Thursday 14
June 2018 (SM, AW, BM)
Thursday 12
July 2018
Thursday 13
September 2018, in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.
Council decided not to go into closed session. Meeting finished at 9.30pm