Minutes 13 Sept 2018

Minutes of Tetney Parish Council meeting 13 Sept 2018

Held on the 13
September 2018 at Tetney Village Hall
Present: - Councillors: B. Maynard (Vice Chair)
R. Lukehurst Y. Fletcher
T. Hill P. Hotchin
B. Holden T. Powell
S. Booth (Clerk)
Public: - 0 + County Cllr McNally & Dist. Cllr Watson
? Cllr Maynard welcomed the Councillors and public to the meeting. He
outlined where Fire exits and extinguishers were situated, where to assemble
in an emergency, that the building was a “No smoking” establishment and that
the Council policy folder was available at the rear of the room.
? Apologies were received in advance from Cllr Winslow and Cllr McMillan,
due to other commitments. Proposed to accept apologies by Cllr Lukehurst,
seconded by Cllr Hill. All in favour. Resolved to accept.
a) To record declarations of interest by any member of the Council in respect
of the agenda items listed below. Members declaring interests should
identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared. None
b) To note dispensations given to any member of the Council in respect of the
agenda items listed below. None
? Had been previously circulated. It was proposed by Cllr Fletcher and seconded
by Cllr Lukehurst to accept the Minutes. Resolved to accept minutes. These be
adopted as a true record’.
112/18. OPEN FORUM
No report.
? Submitted planning comments for Thistledome, Golf Club, Evergreen
Nurseries, Todd, Amos, and Ceder Park.
? Wrote to LRSP requesting an archer survey.
? Booked Cllr Maynard on to the LALC AGM.
? Send allotment contract to Mr Mumby.
? Reported trees obstructing village sign on Station Rd (ref FS-case-811484262)
? Looked into BACs payments.
Tetney Parish Council Minutes September 20

a) ELDC – Cllr Watson attended meeting with the current Police & Crime
Commissioner who was positive about policing in Lincolnshire and promoted
the community speed watch project. Clerk to write to PCC re the problems we
have faced getting the scheme set up with lack of information from the
Policing team. ELDC capital assets worth £80m not including land, ELDC
will not repair any asset up for sale. Community grant still available, funds
have been given to the Chapel and the Village Hall. Bishopthorpe wind
turbine community fund still being pursued.
b) LCC – North Hykeham relief road will join the Lincoln eastern bypass when
completed eventually. Government consulting LCC about fracking. LCC
challenging government over the consultation process as it is cutting local
residents out of the debate. Joint waste strategy agreed by all parties now to be
agreed by the district councils within Lincolnshire. A more uniform
waste/recycling collection to be introduced so all parts of Lincolnshire have
the same waste collected, food waste trial to be increased to other areas.
“Fix my street” app available on smartphones and gives immediate location,
easier to use than website.
Pothole repair time has increase from 30 days to 90 days.
Highways walk about in Tetney in October, Cllr McNally to be informed of
any major areas/issues which need visiting.
North Sea Observatory owned by LCC but ELDC have put parking charge on
car park and closed public toilets.
c) Outside representatives – School to hold a MacMillan coffee morning on
Friday 28
September, 10-12pm. All welcome.
*All applications comments are available to view at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk
**Applications may not be discussed at meetings due to deadlines and lack of internet connection to
allow viewing of plans.
a) Planning applications received
N/178/01253/18 Evergreen Nurseries Access, safety – object
N/178/01412/18 Thistledome No objections, drive to
be paved not gravel
N/178/01473/18 Golf Club No objections, concern
work started
N/133/01509/18 JH Todd No objections
N/178/01397/18 Mrs Amos No objections
N/178/01565/18 Ceder Park Object to block paving
N/178/01776/18 Golf Club Awaiting comments
b) Planning decisions received
N/178/01362/18 Outholme Fm Approved
N/178/01240/18 Evergreen Nurseries Refused
N/178/01412/18 Thistledome Approved
LALC 2017/18 AGM report
LALC Councillor networking day
Tetney Parish Council Minutes September 2018
117/18 Parish Council matters
a) Tetney Lock – White lines have been replaced, thanks offered to Cllr McNally
for arranging this.
b) Village Hall/Toilets – Chairman of Village Hall has approached the caretaker
asking for a key to the toilets so the footballers can use the facilities, they are
normally open. Key request refused. Clerk to write to Village Hall committee
stating Council employees should not be approached or threatened and any
requests to council should be made through the proper channels.
Dist. Cllr Watson gave funds to Village Hall to have disabled toilets plans drawn
up. Hardcore to form extra car parking space.
c) Cemetery, Churchyard and Jubilee Gardens – Application for headstone to be
removed, cleaned and re-fixed at current standards, approved. An incident
involving the contractor whilst strimming round posts in Jubilee Gardens, stone
flew up and broke residents van window, incident resolved between contractor
and resident. The edge of grass outside the posts is covered with gravel and
contractor is concerned this will happen again and has suggested the outer are is
weed-killed rather than mowed or strimmed or left to nature. All in favour of
weed-killing outside the posts.
Visitors to cemetery are dumping waste on tree stump chippings, Clerk to create
new sign.
d) Allotments – No report.
e) Footpaths, roads, trees, lighting and fly tip – A1031 to be closed on Sunday 16
Sept for Humberston ½ marathon between 9.30pm – 12pm. Westlands Ave
residents has reported cars parking on grass verge, however the PC has no
powers to stop this. Tree at cross roads still not been trimmed, clerk to report
again. Thoresby Road 30mph sign obscured by trees, clerk to report. Clerk to
email Cllr McNally regarding grit bins. Clerk to send Cllr Fletcher email contact
details for ELDC enforcement officer who dealt with the half built house on
Humberston Rd. Clerk to report fly tip on Holton Rd and Hoop End.
f) Dog foul, litter bins, benches and notice boards – Dog bin near Church has been
moved to outside Crosby House, Church Lane, Clerk to ask builders to ensure
they return it asap after they have finished.
g) Police matters and website – See item 114/18a
h) Speed awareness radar gun – See item 114/18a
i) To discuss road name suggestion for development on Station Rd – “Paddock
View” – Suggestions made included “Station approach” and “Ingoldby’s Fold”
Councillors agreed Paddock View was acceptable.
j) Christmas Fair – Invites to be sent out, tree lights to be checked, sign to be
altered, school choir to attend, Rainbow Corner owner invited to have stall.
Financial matters
a) Expenses accrued in Aug/Sept 2018 ( paid 13/09/18 unless otherwise stated)
Clerk’s salary £ 613.70p
Clerk’s Expenses (inc Home use, phone etc) £ 109.00p
Caretaker £ 200.00p
Contractor £ 625.00p
Nest Pension £ 85.00p
C. Saxton Plumber (Allot leak) £ 40.00p (paid 10/8/18)
Tetney Parish Council Minutes September 2018

b) Receipts
Co-op Funeral Plot/burial Fee (Norton) £ 370.00p
ELDC Precept £ 8,750.00p
NDP committee Account closure £ 60.00p
c) Bank Balance
Treasurer’s Account 793 £ 5,009.52p
Business Money Manager Account 386 £ 15,104.74p
Money Market Account 113 (former NS&I) £ 13,772.90p
Proposed by Cllr Hill and seconded by Cllr Lukehurst. ‘These sums be paid’.
Carried unanimously
119/18 Extraordinary items (for information purposes only)
Payment of clerks wages by BACS to be trialled. Clerk to set up.
Cllr Hill volunteered to be the contact for the Emergency Plan.
Clerk to contact Phillips66 re emergency table top exercises.
120/18. Next Agenda
121/18 Future dates,
Thursday 11
October 2018
Thursday 8
November 2018
Thursday 10
January 2019, in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.
Council decided not to go into closed session. Meeting finished at 9.15p