MINUTES 11 0CT 2018

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    Held on the 11
    October 2018 at Tetney Village Hall
    Present: - Councillors: S. McMillan (Chair)
    R. Lukehurst Y. Fletcher
    T. Hill P. Hotchin
    B. Holden T. Powell
    S. Booth (Clerk)
    Public: - 1
    123/18 CHAIR’S REPORT
    ? Cllr McMillan welcomed the Councillors and public to the meeting. He
    outlined where Fire exits and extinguishers were situated, where to assemble
    in an emergency, that the building was a “No smoking” establishment and that
    the Council policy folder was available at the rear of the room.
    124/18. APOLOGIES
    ? Apologies were received in advance from Cllr Winslow and Cllr Maynard,
    due to other commitments and from Dist. Cllr Watson and County Cllr
    McNally due to prior engagements. Proposed to accept apologies by Cllr
    Lukehurst, seconded by Cllr Hill. All in favour. Resolved to accept.
    a) To record declarations of interest by any member of the Council in respect
    of the agenda items listed below. Members declaring interests should
    identify the agenda item and type of interest being declared. None
    b) To note dispensations given to any member of the Council in respect of the
    agenda items listed below. None
    ? Had been previously circulated. It was proposed by Cllr Fletcher and seconded
    by Cllr Holden to accept the Minutes. Resolved to accept minutes. These be
    adopted as a true record’.
    127/18. OPEN FORUM
    A resident commented that the cemetery looked unkempt, Clerk had spoken
    already to the contractor. Resident asked why the mound had not been removed
    properly and grass seeded, it was explained that the mound was removed for
    free and the Council didn’t feel it was appropriate to criticise or complain about
    the standard of removal. Further work on the mound has been discussed
    previously. The resident also complained at the amount of waste being left at
    the cemetery. It was explained that ELDC will not empty the bins due to
    misuse. Clerk to research commercial waste removal prices. Clerk to create
    poster for gate advising visitors that waste must be removed or an annual
    charge may be introduced.
    Resident expressed concern over speeding, Cllr Hill explained about the
    Community speed watch initiative and the problems the Council have had
    setting it up.
    Tetney Parish Council Minutes October 2018

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    ? Looked into BACs payments.
    ? Wrote to Police & Crime Commissioner re speed awareness initiative.
    ? Wrote to Village Hall Committee re request for toilet key.
    ? Created new sign for cemetery waste.
    ? Informed contractor about weed spraying around Jubilee Gardens.
    ? Sent Cllr Fletcher ELDC Enforcement contact details.
    ? Reported 30mph sign obscured on Thoresby Road (ref 337730).
    ? Emailed Cllr McNally re Grit bin issues.
    ? Reported fly tip on Holton Rd (ref ELC 1746146) and Hoop End (ref ELC
    ? Informed developers on Station Road “Paddock View” was acceptable and
    put forward suggestions made.
    ? Informed LCC that Cllr Hill nominated to be Emergency Plan holder.
    ? Contacted Phillips66 asking if still held emergency exercises.
    ? Sent Cllr McNally the Archer survey request reply.
    ? Reported crossroads tree needs trimming back again (ref 337731).
    a) ELDC – Report via email. Cllr Watson attended CCG East AGM and then the
    actual engagement meeting at Louth Hospital. Basis of plan is to increase beds
    from 16 to 20 on Carlton ward and have 6 clinical assessment chairs on
    Manby ward. Residents are urged to complete the survey on the plan. It was
    publically announced Louth County Hospital will not be closing.
    b) LCC – No report.
    c) Outside representatives – No report.
    *All applications comments are available to view at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk
    **Applications may not be discussed at meetings due to deadlines and lack of internet connection to
    allow viewing of plans.
    a) Planning applications received
    b) Planning decisions received
    N/178/01253/18 Evergreen Nurseries Approved
    N/133/01509/18 JH Todd Approved
    N/178/01397/18 Mr/s Amos Approved
    N/178/01565/18 Ceder Park Approved
    LCC - Winter self help *Agreed to apply for 1 ton bag of salt.
    Mrs Panton - Neighbour bonfire *Clerk to reply with ELDC contact details.
    Mr Allison - Copy of letter sent to LCC re street lights.
    LNT - Request for knowledge on landownership next to canal.
    132/18 Parish Council matters
    Tetney Parish Council Minutes October 2018

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    a) Tetney Lock – Residents not happy with white lines having just been replaced
    after 6 year wait only for the road to be resurfaced.
    b) Village Hall/Toilets – No report.
    c) Cemetery, Churchyard and Jubilee Gardens – Headstone approval for Mrs
    Stocks. Cllr Hill proposed buying wreath for Remembrance Service, seconded
    by Cllr Powell, all in favour. Clerk to order. Clerk to ask Contractor to spend
    extra few hours on tidying round war memorial ready for the service. Cllr Hill
    and Cllr Lukehurst to lay the wreath.
    d) Allotments – Plot 10 not being tended, Clerk to contact holder.
    e) Footpaths, roads, trees, lighting and fly tip – Cllr Fletcher has spoken with Dong
    about the Market Place roundabout island and when they would be doing the
    work. They initially said they would not be doing it however Cllr Fletcher has
    the email stating they would do the work. Cllr Fletcher to meet with a
    representative to discuss further.
    Holton Rd new builds – mud and stones spread into road, workers have been
    asked to clear up the mess. The new footpath has open manholes and is a hazard,
    Cllr McNally to visit the site.
    Half built house on Humberston Rd, Cllr Fletcher to raise issue with HSE.
    Station Rd disintegrating again, Clerk to report.
    Potholes on Inghams Lane and North End Cres, Clerk to report.
    Cllr Fletcher proposed buying 4 yellow grit bins, seconded by Cllr McMillan.
    All in favour. Grit bins to be filled initially using the free 2x 1 tonne bags from
    LCC winter self -help scheme. Clerk to contact Mr Curran with the information.
    Grit bins to be located on Stoney Way, Chapel Road/Town Rd, Holton Rd and at
    the crossroads.
    f) Dog foul, litter bins, benches and notice boards – No report.
    g) Police matters and website – Cllr Lukehurst to circulate the minutes from the last
    Police panel meeting. Crime in the village has increased significantly,
    particularly vehicles being stolen and burglaries.
    h) Speed awareness radar gun – Cllr Lukehurst to have the issues we have faced
    added to the next police panel meeting agenda in January.
    i) Christmas Fair – Invites sent out, tree lights to be checked, sign to be altered,
    school choir to sing outside pub rather than under tree. Holton Le Clay
    Children’s Centre would like an information table.
    j) Electronic payment of wages - Clerk to ask LALC how other Parish Council’s
    pay wages.
    Financial matters
    a) Expenses accrued in Sept/Oct 2018 ( paid 11/10/18 unless otherwise stated)
    Clerk’s salary £ 488.96p
    Clerk’s Expenses £ 29.50p
    Caretaker £ 200.00p
    Contractor £ 625.00p
    Nest Pension £ 85.00p
    Anglian Water Allotments £ 18.47p (paid 21/9/18)
    Anglian Water Toilets £ 58.37p (paid 21/9/18)
    E-on Toilets £ 27.33p (paid 21/9/18)
    Jas Martin Allotment Rent £ 725.00p
    Tetney Parish Council Minutes October 2018

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    b) Receipts
    HJM Memorials Add inscription (M. Stocks) £ 90.00p
    c) Bank Balance
    Treasurer’s Account 793 £ 5,009.52p
    Business Money Manager Account 386 £ 15,104.74p
    Money Market Account 113 (former NS&I) £ 13,772.90p
    Proposed by Cllr Hill and seconded by Cllr Fletcher. ‘These sums be paid’.
    Carried unanimously
    134/18 Extraordinary items (for information purposes only)
    135/18. Next Agenda
    136/18 Future dates,
    Thursday 8
    November 2018
    Thursday 10
    January 2019
    Thursday 14
    February 2019, in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.
    Council decided not to go into closed session. Meeting finished at 9.10pm.
    Tetney Parish Council Minutes October 2018