Councillor Blair Maynard (vice chair))

I have lived in Tetney for the past 30 years and have been on the parish council for the past 9 years.four as chairman and now as vice chair

Councillor Maynard

Photo by Tetney Parish Council

I am Blair Maynard. I have lived in Tetney for the past 30 years.I have been a representative on the Parish Council for the past 9 years or so.and having become Chairman and now vice .I feel it is a privelage to be representing the people of Tetney  and  Tetney lock.
I was originally from Norfolk although my parents came from even further south and after a career with the Royal Navy (20yrs) i settled in Lincolnshire. I have three children, all grown up and moved away now. I was divorced and I remarried (glutton for punishment one might say) My current wife is Russian so I go to Russia quite often now to visit friends and relatives.This does not mean that I am neglecting Tetney as I am usually only away for at most three weeks and am normally able to attend  our Parish Council meetings and try (at least) to help sort out any problems that might arise.

I also look after our website,am a trustee for our public toilets,signatory on all cheques (looking after YOUR money),try to co-ordinate the activities of the parish council, sometimes a little difficult as everyone is a volunteer and can be stubborn in what they want to do but after discussion may be persuaded to go with the majority....  democracy at work.