The Winner - Tim Sharman, The Wilderness

Photo by Tom McWilliams

The Winner - Tim Sharman, The Wilderness

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Manthorpe Wheelbarrow Competition


A big thank you to all who took part in Manthorpe's first wheelbarrow competition. All 13 entries were closely inspected and marked by our judge, Jim Handley, the head gardener from Grimsthorpe. The winners were Elaine and Tim Sharman. In addition to the quality of the flower display, Jim was especially impressed by their creative use of the shower heads. Jim thought that the display resembled a foaming bath. Very apt from a display put together by our village plumbing family. Well done to Elaine and Tim and to all who were commended for their efforts. Take a look at our photograph pages for some shots of the entries.

The full results:

First Prize: The Wilderness ‘Having a shower’ a great theme with very attractive planting (a decision perhaps influenced by the shower of rain that came over during judging?!)

Second place: Church Farm ‘In the Pink’ with its full and immaculate planting.

Highly commended (in no particular order): The Old Cottage ‘Just Married’ Ryefield ‘Natural beauty’ Witham View ‘Tired gardener’ Manthorpe House ‘Busy Bees’.

Civil Parish Boundary

The Toft cum Lound & Manthorpe Civil Parish boundary is shown outlined in blue on this map. A higher resolution copy of this map can be found on the Parish Map tab. The detail of the boundary has been taken from the 2016 edition of the 1:25,000 UK Ordnance Survey map.

Parish Defibrillators

Public Access Defibrillators are installed and ready for use in Manthorpe and Toft.

In Case of Emergency - Dial 999 from a landline or 112 from a mobile

The ambulance service will know your location from your mobile and will ask you your geographic position from a landline. They will give you the access code to the cabinet if you can assure them that there is at least one other person with the injured person. Enter the code into the keypad and open the door. Take the defibrillator to the emergency.


The defibrillator requires no training - all the instructions are given by the machine. Do not wait for one of the 'trained' residents to come and assist - TAKE THE INITIATIVE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS - YOU CANNOT GO WRONG!

Did You Know That 112 is Better than 999 from a Mobile?

The following link will tell you all you need to know about the advantages of using 112 over 999 from a mobile. Did you know that you can dial 112 even when the mobile is locked or when there is no credit on the phone? Not only that but the same number is in use in over 70 countries and will work even if it is not your service provider.

Click on the following link and spend 5 minutes listening to some really good advice on calling the Emergency Services on 112.