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Civil Parish Boundary

The Toft cum Lound & Manthorpe Civil Parish boundary is shown outlined in blue on the map on the Parish Map tab. The detail of the boundary has been taken from the 2016 edition of the 1:25,000 UK Ordnance Survey map.

Environment Agency Flood Alert Service

We want to encourage you to sign up to the Environment Agency’s Flood Warning Service so we can let you know the latest information in your area that could affect your property. Call 0345 988 1188 to do this, or do it online

In addition to a period of prolonged wet weather over October, Lincolnshire has received the entire November average rainfall in just 2 weeks. This has resulted in heavily saturated catchments, elevated river levels and in some places elevated ground water levels. In a number of cases, record river levels have been documented.  We are expecting more rain of over the winter period so the risk of flooding remains high.  

We will continue to operate the flood storage reservoirs around Lincolnshire where necessary and are discharging main rivers out to sea to bring down river levels. Our flood storage reservoirs have already protected over 8000 properties from flooding.

We are working with our partners, such as the Internal Drainage Boards and NFU, to manage the impact to agricultural land and livestock farms. Our teams are also on the ground assessing urgent repairs to damaged or over-topping defences across the county as well as understanding the longer term options for recovery from the flooding.

Check your flood risk, stay up to date with the latest flood alerts and warnings and sign up to receive free flood warningsby calling 0345 988 1188 or visiting Stay tuned to local news for updates and follow us on Twitter: @EnvAgencyMids

We ask that people avoid walking along flood banks, using low lying footpaths near local watercourses and plan driving routes to avoid low lying roads near rivers, which may be flooded.Don’t drive through flood water, just 30cm is enough to move your car and risk your safety.

Flood water can contain sewage and other harmful substances. Where possible avoid contact with, and keep pets away from, flood water. Always wear waterproof clothing, gloves, wellington boots and a face mask if contact is unavoidable.

Area Communications & Engagement Officer (ACEO)

Environment Agency - Lincolnshire & Northamptonshire Area

*Ceres House, Searby Road, Lincoln, LN2 4DW

(0345 988 1188 - Floodline

(0800 80 70 60 - Incident Hotline

Parish Defibrillators

Public Access Defibrillators are installed and ready for use in Manthorpe and Toft.

In Case of Emergency - Dial 999 from a landline or 112 from a mobile

The ambulance service will know your location from your mobile and will ask you your geographic position from a landline. They will give you the access code to the cabinet if you can assure them that there is at least one other person with the injured person. Enter the code into the keypad and open the door. Take the defibrillator to the emergency.


The defibrillator requires no training - all the instructions are given by the machine. Do not wait for one of the 'trained' residents to come and assist - TAKE THE INITIATIVE AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS - YOU CANNOT GO WRONG!

Did You Know That 112 is Better than 999 from a Mobile?

The following link will tell you all you need to know about the advantages of using 112 over 999 from a mobile. Did you know that you can dial 112 even when the mobile is locked or when there is no credit on the phone? Not only that but the same number is in use in over 70 countries and will work even if it is not your service provider.

Click on the following link and spend 5 minutes listening to some really good advice on calling the Emergency Services on 112.