The Three Towers Recipe Booklet

Collection of Monthly Seasonal Recipes

Recipe Booklet

Recipe Booklet

As readers of The Three Towers will know, we try to publish a recipe in each edition of the magazine - Jane's Seasonal Recipe. Occasionally, we also take the opportunity to include recipes from other contributors. 

It was decided to collate these recipes and produce "The Three Towers Monthly Recipes" booklet. We chose to include all those published recipes dating from May 2011, the date we started to upload the magazine to the Toft cum Lound and Manthorpe Parish website, until the date of the booklet publication, August 2020.

The original idea was to print the booklet and distribute it to all members of our community. Regretfully, this did not prove to be financially possible. Instead, we have decided to publish the booklet online and invite our readers to download the booklet to their smartphone/tablet/computer/laptop for free.

The booklet is produced in pdf format; readers are free to further distribute the booklet or print it at home.

Should you wish to make a donation then please feel free to do so. Donations should be made to Fr Ed c/o The Regional House at Edenham or drop them in an envelope at any of the 3 churches. Please mark the envelope “Recipe Booklet”.