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Some of the WI members with their craftwork

Some of the WI members with their craftwork

Witham on the Hill WI

Witham on the Hill WI is a very friendly, lively, spontaneous group of ladies! So very varied is our programme each one is catered for. Every month a hardy bunch of walkers set off in all weathers, complete with snow shoes, sun hats and oxygen cylinders, (no, I made that bit up!) to finally collapse in the nearest hostelry! We are up to almost two thousand knitted garments for the Peterborough Premature Baby Unit; and the craft group produces the most magnificent works of art (there are exceptions of course, but the beginners do try!) – the expertise handed out is second to none. Table tennis has a dedicated following. Meetings and events are furnished with every kind of delicacy – biscuits, cakes, pies or desserts; there is always a full house. We enjoy a sing-song, piece of drama, poetry or literature (and we have been known to shimmy in a belly dance!).  Quizzes and Scrabble are often played with other WIs. Outings range from sausage making to boating, from theatre trips to recycling centres, the list is endless – with such enquiring minds the thirst for knowledge never ceases. Speakers are sought from every conceivable profession, so meetings are always looked forward to and well attended by both members and visitors. Why not come along? We’d love to welcome you.

We meet on the first Tuesday of every month (except no meeting in January) at 7.30pm in St Andrew’s Parish Hall, Witham on the Hill. For further information contact Secretary: Jane Clark, Copse View, Witham on the Hill tel 01778 590232.