St Mary's Church

St Mary's Church





Household Waste Recycling Centres (tips) will re-open on 18 May

• 18-31 May – ONLY garden waste and wood

will be accepted

• 1 June onwards – ONLY garden waste, wood, scrap metal and cardboard will be accepted

To use it you MUST book a time slot and bookings

can be taken from 10am 11 May or call

01522 782070 (open Monday-Friday 8am-6pm)

ID and proof of address will be required

e.g. driving licence

We expect bookings to be busy – please bear with us.

Delays are expected on sites, as they aren’t operating as normal.

Vehicle restrictions will apply.

Covid19 Pandemic
·         During the current COVID19 Pandemic all Tydd St Mary Parish Council Meetings are suspended until further notice. To contact the Parish Council:

  • THE GLEBE FIELD may be used for exercise but only if the government restrictions are abided by – THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. – please strictly adhere to the guidelines.
·         ANYONE seen to be ignoring the guidelines in the park will be reported
·         Please keep your dog on a lead at all times to prevent nuisance to others

·         DUE to new government restrictions the following are out of bounds until further notice:


·      PLEASE take you dog fouling and litter home 

·      PLEASE do not leave dog fouling or litter on top or around the bins. There is no facility to remove this. 

Please do not visit the clerk at home under any circumstances


DURING THIS TIME:                 
·         When using the parish parks please follow the government guidelines at all times particularly with regard to social distancing -MINIMUM OF 2 METRES APART
·         ·         The Council implores EVERYONE to treat the situation seriously in order to protect THEIR Community from COVID19 and request that everyone follows the Government guidelines.
·         THE YOUNG AND OLD PLAY an important part. Whilst you may not become ill you could be infectious without symptoms and place your loved ones particularly the elderly and those with health issues at risk
·         YOUNG PEOPLE are now being affected it is not just the elderly at risk.
·         CHECK on your neighbours particularly those in isolation
·         DO NOT PANIC BUY – Not everyone can afford to stockpile.
·         DO NOT abuse the people that are working so tirelessly to provide you with the food and medical supplies you need. Think of those on lower incomes and the elderly. If it is in your cupboard or spare freezer it deprives someone in need of the basic items.
·         The Parish Council hope that infections and deaths in our community are as low as possible – YOU CAN HELP IF YOU ACT RESPONSIBLY AND ABIDE BY THE MEDICAL ADVICE.
Please do not treat this situation lightly
                                 BE KIND AND THINK OF OTHERS - WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.






It's important you know about some changes in place that will disrupt services in your communities:


·         closing all heritage sites

·         stopping large group activities in libraries and children's centres

Parents and carers who need to access advice and support from professionals in children's centres will still be able to do so as usual. We are working with our maternity services and some individual antenatal appointments may now take place at the centres, depending on local need.


·         all non-essential Lincs Fire and Rescue events including charity events, recruitment and school and community visits are postponed until further notice.


Local residents can be reassured that Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue are responding to all emergency calls as usual, and putting measures in place to protect staff such as increased hygiene protection.

Fire and rescue are still providing community advice but limiting direct contact to those most at risk of fire and other emergencies.

 Following recent advice and guidance from government, you may be aware that the Lincolnshire Resilience Forum (LRF) has been set up to gather information about community activity across Lincolnshire.

To assist with their efforts, we are asking all town and parish councils to register with the LRF any known community co-ordinated action in your area, so that they can support these groups in helping their communities as effectively as possible.  You may already have informed the LRF about the groups in your area but if not, or if there are new groups setting up, please let us know.  We are keen to ensure that if support is already available, we can signpost rather than duplicate services


To contact the LRF please e mail or telephone 01522 787034.

The council continues to work closely with our partners at Public Health England (PHE), both nationally and at a regional level, to monitor the situation, and take action as required to minimise the spread of the virus. You will be well aware of the current guidelines and advice – latest advice is here:

 Finally, in terms of decision-making, we will be suspending all formal council meetings for the immediate future and establish alternative mechanisms for our decision-making process.

But, as always, those decisions will be fully transparent and publicised, so that members of the public can hold us to account and keep an eye on what we are doing.

Please visit the county council website and social media for updates as they happen