Travel Information relevant to Uffington

Temporary restrictions will be placed on various roads in SKDC. 

For further details see the Highway Maintenance Schemes 2017/18  attachment. This has links to more detailed information about the Temporary Traffic Restrictions.

Surface dressing Greatford Road, Uffington and Stowe Road, Barholm and Stowe  planned for 17th June 2017. See letter 1 in Attachments.

Temporary closure of Essendine Road, Uffington  planned for the 3rd July 2017. See letter 2 in Attachments.


Driving for Life

Free course for mature drivers.

Please see Attachments Driving for Life and Mileage for Life  below

Tallington Level Crossing

Network Rail has performed a  "Level Crossings Closure Programme Feasibility Study" for Greatford, Tallington and surrounding areas.

Network Rail have now published their preferred option for the Phase 2 consultation.

This process has now been put on hold. The latest position is given in the letter from Network Rail attached below.