Precept - 2017/18

Waddington Parish Council – Precept Increase

Waddington Parish Council have agreed next year’s financial budget (known as the precept).  The precept is to be increased from £129,041 to £161,481, an increase of £32,440.

How will this affect you.

This means for a band D property an increase in the Parish Council element of your 2017/2018 Council tax bill of £15.67 a year (£1.57 per month).  This will be slightly less for bands A to C and slightly more for bands E upwards.  Please remember that your overall Council Tax bill will have other increases as well.

Why have the Council made this Increase?

Whilst this appears to be a significant increase in percentage terms, some 21%, it is to pay for grass cutting no longer provided by Lincolnshire County Council at an extra cost of £9,000 per year, replacing the remaining concrete street lights for residents safety, maintaining other services reduced by NKDC / Lincolnshire County Council, general inflation costs and staff costs to keep wages in line with the Living Wage. 

The Council will be taking out a loan to have some urgent work carried out to the Village Hall and Community Hub.  The village hall is in desperate need of a new roof and the Community Hub has rotten windows and no heating system.  The loan will have repayments that will be made, during the financial year, at an extra cost of £7,700.

With Grass cutting and street light replacement accounting for £26,000 (80%) of the increase the Parish Council assures residents that, set against a desire to keep Waddington village services and facilities maintained at the same level as 2016/2017, all costs have been scrutinised to minimize the increase with decisions taken to reduce costs and increase revenue where possible, whilst ensuring value for our residents contribution through the Parish Council Tax.