Community Buidlings Restoration Project



The Parish Council bought the Community Hub from Lincolnshire County Council in March 2014, this being the building that the Parish Council Office is in and the Youth Club is held.  The building is a building of interest, in the conservation area of Waddington.  When purchased the building was in need of renovation and updating.

The Village Hall was built by the Parish Council in 1964 and has had some money spent on it over the years, but is now in need of renovation and updating.

In the past year, the Parish Council have applied for two grants, Community Facilities Grant Aid and WREN.  Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful with both applications and it has now got to the point where work is urgently required with rotten windows in the Community Hub and a leaking roof in the Village Hall.

Below is a list of work recently carried out and work that is still required within the Community Hub and Village Hall.

Community Hub

Completed Work

·         Loft insulation installed.

·         Rear aluminium windows replaced with PVC double glazed windows.

·         Ceiling panels installed in the sports hall.

·         Cavity wall insulation.

Required Work

·         The windows on the front of the building, are old Victorian Sash windows, wood, single pane and rotten in places.

·         There is no heating system in the building.

Village Hall

Completed Work

·         Replaced the 3-wooden fire door with new metal double glazed doors.

·         New radiators throughout, with thermostatic valves.

Required Work

·         Requires a new roof, the old one is leaking in various places which have been fixed repeatedly, but the tiles are old and fragile.

·         The heating system is old and is costing a lot of money to heat the building.

·         Loft insulation.


As the work is required, it is agreed that the best practice would be to make the buildings energy efficient, by installing energy efficient heating, Solar Panels and LED lighting.  This will reduce the cost of utilities and we will receive payback, as well as making the Community Hub a warm building that can be hired out.

                                                                Community Hub               Village Hall

Solar PV                                               £  6,540                                 £10,397

Air Source Heating                            £29,064                                 £28,480

LED Lighting                                        £  2,506                                 £  2,300

Heritage Windows                            £18,666

Trapezoidel roof with insulation                                                  £20,000

Total Cost                                            £56,776                                 £61,177

Financial benefits

The solar panels will help reduce the electricity costs, and there will be an export tariff.

We could receive payback for the Air Source Heating.

Annual Savings / Benefits

                                                Community Hub               Village Hall

Utilities                                 £3,087                                   £6,500

Payback                                £2,961                                   £3,244

Export Tariff                        £     82                                   £   153

Total Benefits                     £6,130                                   £9,897


The work is required on the buildings so it is the perfect time to make the buildings energy efficient and save money in the long run.  The annual savings / benefits, after the first year will pay for the loan repayments.

Once all the improvements have been made the Council can consider whether to make Redwood Drive Community Centre more energy efficient.

The Parish Council agreed at the meeting of 13th February 2017 to apply for a £100,000 loan, to be paid back over 15 years.  This will enable to carry out the work straight away.