Parish Council

Who's who

Welbourn Parish Council

Meets on the second Wednesday of each month, except August & December.


Mr Robert Cross               Chairman  &  Environment Portfolio

Mr. J.R. Storer                  Compliance & Drains Portfolio

Mr, S.G. Short                   Village Hall delegate

Mr. S. Spedding                 Castle Hill Portfolio

Miss H.L. Huntsman            Finance Portfolio

Mr. R. Gibson                    Cluster Group delegate

Mrs. K. Stark                     Personnel Committee

Mrs. M. Lunn                     Planning portfolio / Cluster Group delegate

Mr. J. Beaty                      The Forge portfolio

Parish Clerk:

  Ms.Sarah Brown.  email:

                             tel:  01400 279185 (Parish Office)

Finance Committee:  Rod Storer, Harriet Huntsman & Sarah Brown.

Personnel Committee: Maureen Lunn, Katie Stark, Stephen Short.

Council Representatives:

County Councillor:    Mrs Marianne Overton
For more information please go to Lincolnshire County Council web site below.

District Councillor - Mrs. Catherine Mills

For more information please go to the NKDC website.