Parish Council

Who's who

Welbourn Parish Council

Meets on the second Wednesday of each month, except August & December.


Mr Robert Cross               Chairman  &  Highways Portfolio

Mr. J.R. Storer                  Compliance & Drains Portfolio

Mr, S.G. Short                   Village Hall delegate 

Miss H.L. Huntsman         Finance Portfolio

Mr. Brian Percy                 Castle Hill Portfolio

Mrs. K. Stark                     Personnel Committee / Communications Portfolio

Mrs. M. Lunn                     Planning Portfolio / Cluster Group delegate

Mr. J. Beaty                      The Forge portfolio / Allotments Portfolio


Parish Clerk:

  Ms.Sarah Brown.  email:

                             tel:  01400 279185 (Parish Office)

Finance Committee:  Rod Storer, Harriet Huntsman & Sarah Brown.

Personnel Committee: Maureen Lunn, Katie Stark, Stephen Short.

Council Representatives:

County Councillor:    Mrs Marianne Overton
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