Village Clubs and Activities Directory

Village Hall and Committee

There are two independent Meeting Rooms, in the Village Hall each with their own facilities:

  •  Wireless IT with presentation facilities.
  •  Each Meeting Room has its own kitchen facilities.

Chair of Village Hall Committee:Mrs.  Katie Stark
Booking Secregtary: Mrs. Pauine Dales, 01400 272696

Welbourn Gardeners Club

A friendly, sociable club with a gardening theme.  Monthly meetings with a guest speaker and outings to selected gardens of interest.                                                                         Chairman/Secretary:  Mrs. Nina McBeath.     tel: 01400 279027

St. Chad Parish Church

Rector:                                                                                                                      Church Warden: Lynn Cartwright.  01400 279062

Welbourn Toddlers Group

An opportunity to relax in company and let the kids play with others.                          Thursdays 10 - 11.30 in the rear Meeting Room of the Village Hall.

Contact Lindsey 01522 810742

Welbourn Pre-School.

Takes children from ages 2 - 5, three mornings a week.  Places available.

Leader:  Sarah Williamson.    Chair:     Beth MacKinder      
Tel:         01400 270168