What does the Parish Council do?

  • Liaises with local government services
  • Provides a forum for residents’ issues
  • Discusses planning applications
  • Is responsible for cemetery* and churchyard
  • Manages the Tinsley Playing Field and The Boaty

…and much more!

including investigating issues of concern to village residents such as traffic speeding along King Street (Select the attachment below)

You’ll notice some new “street furniture” on King Street near the Village Hall. Your Parish Council has purchased a Speed Indicating Device to encourage driver speed awareness along King Street.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, who approved our device, has recently completed a traffic survey on King Street and results indicated that speed control is most needed southbound. So, we have mounted the speed device in that direction. Periodically, we may move the device to other locations on King Street. Please look at the attachments below if you are interested in the technical details of the device or evidence about its effectiveness.

As well as displaying speed, the device will be recording all traffic movements north and southbound. We will be analysing the data and forwarding it to Lincs Police for their further action. 

If you have any questions, or would like to offer feedback, then please contact the parish clerk at

*select the King Street Cemetery page below

Updated 16/12/2018