Crime prevention and links with Neighbourhood Policing

West Deeping has 5 Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators.

  • Pat Dethick             46A King Street                01778 343096
  • Annie Newbigging   43 King Street                  01778 346805
  • Melanie James         8 The Lane                        01778 380197
  • Maggie Ashcroft      32 King Street                  01778 344768
  • Lesley Ward            15 Stamford Road            01778 345602

Each of them receives email or telephone messages from Lincolnshire Police and Community Support Officers in the local area.  They pass on reports of people and vehicles behaving suspiciously, about thefts, arson attempts, road closures and so on.  As well as crime prevention, they are concerned with personal safety issues like vulnerable people living alone, cold calling, internet message scams, and fire prevention.

Lincolnshire Alert: Anyone can sign up to receive these messages via email from Lincolnshire Alert. Sign-up on the website (see below). You are then able to help Lincolnshire Police fight crime, stay safe, inform you and listen to your issues.

Neighbourhood Policing: West Deeping is in the area covered by the Market Deeping & Uffington Neighbourhood Policing Team. To report criminal or suspicious activity you can also call a Police Community Support Officer direct. See their details in the attached leaflet.


999 Emergency : An emergency is where the police are needed immediately.  This can be when a crime is in progress or when somebody and/or their property are in immediate danger.

101 Non-emergency: Use this number if you need to contact the police for an incident that is not an emergency - for example if your car has been broken into whilst you have been shopping. 

0800 555 111 Crimestoppers: If you have any information about crime, call Crimestoppers anonymously. Crimestoppers is a registered charity, independent of the police, and only interested in what you know, not who you are.  You won't be asked your name and your calls will not be recorded.

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