West Deeping Parish Charity No. 218588

Plaque commemorating Richard Figg's bequest

Photo by M. Ashcroft

Richard Figg's charitable bequest recorded on a plaque in St Andrew's Church

A charitable trust fund: former West Deeping residents, like Richard Figg, left money and land to provide for young people, the elderly and the needy

Who is it for? West Deeping families, individuals or organisations in need of financial help

To make a request : Apply in writing to the Secretary: Mrs Joy de Toney, Greystones, 45 King Street, West Deeping

Who are the Trustees?

  • Andrew Bowman
  • Joy de Toney - Secretary
  • Mike Hutchings - Treasurer
  • June Thomas
  • Father Aran Beesley


Page updated 23/01/2019