Who are the members of West Deeping Parish Council?

Please note

Councillors are only required to make their names and addresses available to the public. Any further contact details are made available at the individual Councillor’s discretion

Councillor Susan Latham
Woodbine Cottage, 28A King Street, West Deeping PE6 9HP
01778 344073

Councillor Margaret Ashcroft
32 King Street, West Deeping PE6 9HP
01778 344768
(Website /Parish archives)

Councillor Colin Blagrove
Suilven, Church Lane, West Deeping PE6 9HU
01778 348709

Councillor Stephen Snell

Councillor David Ward



Clerk to the Parish Council

Mr Ian Coles,

11 The Lane, West Deeping PE6 9HS

07979 906284


 Tree Warden

Jean Stowe and team of volunteers

01778 346779

Updated 27/05/2019