Parochial Church Council

West Deeping parishioners are invited to attend the Annual Parochial Church meetings to be held in St Andrew’s Church on Monday 9th April, starting at 7:00 pm. The following meetings will take place:

1.    The Vestry Meeting for election of churchwardens from eligible nominated candidates by those residents on the local government register of electors and those on the church electoral roll of the parish.

2.    The Annual Parochial Church Meeting for those on the church electoral roll of the parish to elect the Parochial Representatives of the Laity to the Parochial Church Council (PCC) and to receive annual reports.

3.    A PCC Meeting to elect officials to the PCC and for the newly elected council to deal with immediate business.

The draft agenda and PCC Financial Statement for 2017 are displayed on the church porch noticeboard. If anyone wishes to table an agenda item, please notify the PCC Secretary, Colin Blagrove on 01778 348709 or by email.

Previous minutes from PCC meetings are filed below. Earlier minutes may be viewed in the church vestry records. Please contact the PCC Secretary for further information.Enter page text here