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The Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service (LIVES)

 is one of the largest volunteer organizations in the UK.     Charity No. 1098364

Claypole LIVES is a first responder Group based in the villages of Claypole, Stubton, Dry Doddington and Westborough and covers an area just over three miles in radius from Claypole.  All the responders are volunteers giving their time to be on duty and to maintain their levels of training. 

Although part of a large organization covering nearly the whole of Lincolnshire, and therefore benefiting from professional trainers and standards the Claypole Group “stands alone” in its need to raise funds and in the way it runs itself. 

All Members of LIVES are volunteers who respond in their own time to 999 calls received via East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) control.

1. Would you help a friend in need?

2. Would you like to have the confidence to know what to do in a life-threatening situation?

3. Do you know anyone in your area who has suffered a stroke or a heart attack?

4. Are you aware that there is a LIVES group, with life-saving equipment operating in your area? 

5. Do you own or have access to a car and are at least 18 years old?

Would you like to learn how to save a life - At no cost to yourself?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, and are interested in finding out more, please contact:

Dick Loynes (Co-ordinator) 

 01400 282337

Please get in touch - we urgently need more volunteers

One of the many Excuses for not volunteering for LIVES


Many people use the above excuse for not joining LIVES.  Every volunteer is fully trained by Head Office, and will not be allowed to become a responder until qualified.  The initial formal training takes three days, by which time you will be fully qualified to use the defibrillator, administer oxygen, and to perform C.P.R. It is held at LIVES HQ at Horncastle.

If you feel uncertain on your first few call outs, you will be supported by the local team who will come out with you initially to help bolster confidence. We also have monthly training meetings that you can attend and practise your life-saving skills.

In addition to the above, you will be supported at all times by one of the biggest UK Volunteer Charities.

Do not let lack of confidence be an excuse for not volunteering to join your local LIVES.  

Remember - the more volunteers we have the more time we can be on duty and thus help to save lives in OUR COMMUNITY.