Parish Council

Photograph of willing village hall

The Parish Council represents and serves the whole community and is responsible for the services it provides.  Following consultation with parishioners (e.g. via the Parish Plan, Annual Parish Meeting etc.), it establishes policies for action and decides how money will be raised and spent on behalf of the community.  It is responsible for spending the money raised lawfully and without risk and for achieving the best value for money.

The Parish Council is made up of 7 elected Councillors (see attachment for Councillors' details), one of whom is chosen as Chairman during the Council's Annual Meeting.  The Chairman is currently Mr David Bingham.   It is served by the Clerk/RFO (Lisa Brooks-Sleight), who implements its decisions and provides administrative and management support for its activities, and by the Village Handyman, who carries out  jobs as they are deemed necessary by the Parish Council.

Notices of meetings are posted on the Parish Council Notice Board at the Village Hall on High Street.  The notice board also displays useful public information.

The Parish Council currently provides and maintains:

  • Willingham Cemetery (Marton Road, Willingham). 
  • and
  • Public seating within the Parish.

It also provides a donation to St Helens Church for the Crib and lights in the churchyard at Christmas.

It also maintains the public footpaths within the village on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council, as well as the grassed area on the corner of Grange Lane & High Street.

The Parish Council owns the land operated and maintained by the Playing Field Committee, and contributes to the cost of grass cutting there.

In addition the Parish Council owns the two fields ('Parish Fields') at the junction of Fillingham Road and Stone Pit Lane.  The grass-keeping of these fields is put out to tender each year (see menu on the left hand side of this page).