Meetings, Minutes & Agendas

Parish Council meetings are normally held on the second Tuesday of the month in the Committee Room of Willingham Village Hall.  There are no meetings in January and August.   Meetings commence at 8.10pm.  Each meeting is preceded by a 10 minute public forum, starting at 8pm, during which members of the public may make a short statement to the Council in relation to matters on the agenda or matters of concern or interest.  Once the meeting formally commences, members of the public are welcome to remain but may not speak unless invited to do so by the Chairman.

If members of the public have any matters that they wish to be discussed they should submit them to the Clerk one week in advance of the meeting so that they can be added to the agenda. They may also be submitted by telephone, post or e-mail.  For details of how to do this see Contact Us.

Meeting dates for 2017 are as follows:

14 February

14 March

11 April

9 May    

13 June

11 July

12 September

10 October

14 November

12 December

The agenda for each meeting will be posted on the Parish Council notice board and on the relevant page of this website during the week prior to the meeting.    A copy of the Council meeting minutes, once approved, is placed on the notice board.  Copies of Council minutes are also held on the website (pages accessible below).

The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on Thursday 27th April 2017 - see relevant tab for details.