Parish Fields

The Parish Council owns the two fields at the junction of Fillingham Lane and Stone Pit Lane (see location map attached).  The grass-keeping of these fields is put out to tender in February/March, with anyone who lives in the parish of Willingham eligible to tender.  The period of occupancy is from 1st April to 31st December inclusive.  This gives a three month winter period when the fields are unoccupied, to allow time for the grass to recover.

Conditions of use can be found on the Agreement document on this site.  It is strongly recommended that anyone intending to submit a tender should read this carefully before deciding to proceed.

The tender form for rental of the fields during 2019 will be available and can be downloaded from this site in February 2019.  Forms should be returned to the Clerk by Monday 8th March and will be opened at the meeting of the parish council on 12th March.   The successful applicant will be informed shortly afterwards.  

The parish council is now able to offer the successful applicant the possibility of grazing rights for a second consecutive year, to allow for some continuity.   After a two year period (or if the tenant decides not to opt for a second year) the tender process will be carried out again.

The period for 2019 will put out to tender in the February of that year.