News January - June 2016

14th June 2016 -x- April 16 Clean for the Queen - Litter Pick A Huge Thank you to the volunteers who helped with the Litter Pick -x- Willingham Parish Council would like to give all children (under 16years old on 10th June 2016) who are a resident in Parish of Willingham by Stow a - HM QUEEN ELIZABETH II 90TH BIRTHDAY COMMEMORATIVE MEDAL. Please get in touch with the Parish Council if your child/children qualify for this medal (by 29th April) either my emailing: or get in touch with any of your councillors -x- --x-- March 2016 Willingham Parish Council are having a Village Litter Pick as part of the 'Clean for the Queen Campaign' and would like volunteers to help. This will be held on Saturday 19th March, meeting at the Village Hall at 10am. Please come along to support & help clean up the village. (equipment will be provided) FEBRUARY 2016 The Parish Council have installed a Defibrillator on the front of the village hall. There will be an information/training session for all residents/village groups that wish to attend to find out more information:  Friday, 19th February -  2-4pm at Willingham Village Hall   Sudden Cardiac Arrest happens around 140,000 times a year in the UK, making it one of the UK's largest killers - The potential for saving a life is dependent upon time, the faster medical help can be attained, the better the chance of survival. Clinical studies suggest you have less than 5 minutes from the event to save the life, this decreasing by up to 23% per minute. In rural areas it takes time to get medical help, so Defibrillators have a very important part to play in helping save lives in rural communities, as SCA can happen to anyone at any time, and is not age related, better safe than sorry! Try timing yourself from your nearest Ambulance station. The UK resuscitation Council guidance on having an AED in a community is whether an AED can be at the patient within 5 minutes of the SCA event happening.  It is hope that most groups will attend as this would be really beneficial in case of emergencies.                                            --x-- JANUARY 2016 For your information , Network North have published their Winter edition of the Newsletter and this can be accessed via the following link:     Kind regards, Highways North                                                         - x - TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE - GRANGE LANE (in the vicinity of No.10) - all vehicular traffic, adequate arrangements will be made for pedestrians to access premises. Reason: Essential maintenance works by National Grid 18/01/16 for 4 days Alternative Route: High St. B1241 & Vice Versa                                                         - x - BRIDGEWORKS - FILLINGHAM LANE - ADVANCE NOTICE Highways will be re-waterproofing the bridge starting January 2016 for approx 8-10 weeks. The works are needed to protect the bridge and maintain it's integrity and durability for the future.  A short term (1-2 days)  temporary closure will be required on 18th February 2016 to complete the surfacing. Diversion route signs will be in place. A map of the diversion route and full details will be displayed on the Parish Councils Notice Board (High St)