Notice board depicting the history of Willoughby

Notice board depicting the history of Willoughby


At the meeting of the Parish Council held 15th March 2018 members agreed to contact ELDC relating to possible breaches of planning conditions; to contact OnLincolnshire regarding status of broadband in Sloothby; to report various pot holes to LCC highways and to report fly tipping to ELDC.  

It was felt flytipping was becoming a problem in the parishes.

Members asked for more information on the ownership/transfer of the telephone box at Sloothby, and agreed that allotment rents be kept at £15.  

It was agreed to request ELDC to continue to supply planning application as hard copy, and to write to the MP regarding the Data Protection Legislation.

The speed indication device will be ordered shortly.

The next meeting is scheduled for 19th April 2018 at 8pm in the Village Hall, Willoughby.