Notice board depicting the history of Willoughby

Notice board depicting the history of Willoughby


At the meeting held on 16th November 2017, members were pleased to receive three applications to fill the two vacancies on the Parish Council.  The Council will look to co-opt two councillors at the meeting scheduled for 18th January 2018 when formal notice should have been received from the Returning Officer regarding the second vacancy.

Members were saddened to learn of the resignation of Cllr Vasser from the Parish Council, he had worked hard on behalf of the village and contributed greatly to the workings of the parish council.

The damaged lime tree on the village green will be removed at the end of November.

The parish Council is looking to purchase an interactive speed device in conjunction with Welton le Marsh and Orby parish councils.

A second notice board for village activities and parish council agendas is being discussed, possible siting being at Tavern Way entrance.

The winter edition of the newsletter was approved and is to be printed and left at the Willoughby Arms, the church, the village hall and hopefully at the garage.

The next meeting is scheduled for 18th January 2018 at 8pm