Notice board depicting the history of Willoughby

Notice board depicting the history of Willoughby


The next Parish Council meeting will be held at the Village Hall on Thursday 19th May  2016 at 8pm.

Thursday - 28th April at 7pm , is the Annual Public Meeting, all residents of Willoughby Parish Council District (Sloothby/Claxby/willoughby) are welcome to attend, ask questions of your Parish Councillors and also meet Cllr Craig Leyland - Leader of East Lindsey District Council who will no doubt be delighted to answer questions.  There will be refreshments available at no cost!

STREET LIGHTS ELDC is still proposing to hand over the cost of management of street lights to individual parishes, for Willoughby this will mean an additional cost of £2157.46 - increasing the precept by approx £11.  Please let your local parish councillor know your thoughts on this.  

Click on the link below to learn how to make your property visible for the emergency services.

ER route signage - The newly installed ER signs are there to indicate a safe route away from the coast in the event of coastal flooding.  They show the Emergency Route away from the areas of danger and to a place of safety.  the intention is for those who are able to self evacuate a route to higher ground can easily be followed.