Clerk:- Bernard Champness, 5 Woodside East, Northorpe, Bourne, Lincs PE10 0HT

Telephone No 01778 393431. E-mail


Charles Henriques (Chairman) - Bywells House, PE10 0JH.

Susan Pennant-Jones (Vice-chair) - 2 East Green PE10 OJF.

Debbie McMillan - 5 Elm Avenue, PE10 OJH.

Janet Kirkwood - South Cottage, Bottom Street, PE10 OJP.

Andrew Greenwood - Woodyard Farm Cottage, Bottom Street, PE10 0JP

Meetings take place at 19.00 in St Andrew’s Parish Hall, Witham-on-the-Hill. There will be 15 minutes Public Forum between 19:00 & 19:15 and members of the public are invited to ask questions or to make a short statement to the Council.  The Council will commence at 19:15 or on completion of the Public Forum, whichever is the sooner.