The village is in the Witham on the Hill Beat with the Police station based at West Street, Bourne.  For non-emergency or to report an incident contact 01778 343311 or the Lincs Control & Communications Centre - 01522 532222, they will then redirect to whichever department is relevant or despatch an officer or PCSO.

Lincolnshire Alert - for a safer community.

Lincolnshire Police have introduced a new Community Messaging System called Lincs Alert.  This system enables the local Police Team to enter updates on Crime, Reduction of Crime and Community Safety, which will then be sent out to those members that have registered on the system.  For more information ring 01522 558399 or www.lincsalert.co.uk

Lincolnshire Police are continuing to improve services for the public & are introducing a Single Non Emergency Number  0300 111 0300 to contact the force.     The Force Command & Control Centre will transfer you to the person able to help you - such as an officer at your local police station, but if you need to speak to someone else, & you are not sure where they are based, the calltaker is ideally placed to put you through to the person you need to speak to.

The Witham on the Hill Community Beat Team are:-

Sgt Emma Crisp - Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant - 0300 111 0300 x 3650

PC Laura Hibbins Community Beat Manager - 07500 920 252

PCSO Charlie Smith - 07825 523 423

What is meant by a 999 emergency call?

  1. violence being used or threatened
  2. a danger to life
  3. a crime is in progress or an offender has been disturbed
  4. an injury road collision
  5. a non-injury road collision causing serious traffic congestion.