Parish Council 2016 17 update - At the annual parish meeting held on 9th May 2017 the Chairman updated members of the Council and the public present on work undertaken during the past year.  This included the long negotiations with ELDC on the matter of footway lights, and following negative responses by the majority of parish councils in the district, ELDC decided to retain responsibility for the footway lights and convert to LED.  Withern's light should be converted around July/August 2017.

There is still no update on the planning application submitted for development off Chalk Lane.

At the Annual Council meeting held on 9th May Cllr Key was again elected Chairman of the Council, with Cllr Acklam vice Chairman.

The Council signed the audit papers, and these will be on the web site as soon as completed.

Unfortunately the NHS were unable to attend due to purdah rules in respect of the forthcoming general election - but members agreed to ask them to come to the next meeting.  Look out for more information on this.

Next meeting

Scheduled for Tuesday 27th June 2017 @ 7pm in the Village Hall - prior to the commencement of the council meeting there is a 15 minute public session where members of the public may ask questions to councillors on matters of concern.