Freedom of Information

This page includes items available under the Freedom of Information Act January 2009, either from the Parish Council or from ELDC. In most cases charges will be made for copies requested.





All information is available in hard copy unless otherwise stated.


Core Classes


1.       Council Internal Practice and Procedures


Minutes of council meetings – limited to the last 2 years / available on the website.


Procedural Standing Orders



20p per A4 side





20p per A4 side


2.       Code of Conduct


Members Declaration of Acceptance of Office


Members Register of Interest


Register of Members Interest Book




Available on the website


Available on the website


Available at E.L.D.C.


3.       Periodic Electoral Review


This is information concerning changes to the electoral arrangements for the parish council including alterations to the number of councillors elected to council.


Information relating to the last Periodic Electoral Review of the council area.


Information relating to the latest boundary review of the council.







Available at E.L.D.C.



Available at E.L.D.C.


4.       Employment Practise and Procedure


Terms and condition of employment


Job Descriptions


Exclusions apply under the Data Protection Act 1998



20p per A4 side


20p per A4 side

5.       Planning Documents


Responses to planning applications



20p per A4 side


6.       Audit and Accounts


Annual Return Form


Annual Statutory report by Auditor (internal and external)


Receipt/payment book, Bank Statements from all accounts




Precept Request


VAT Records


All the above limited to the last financial year


Financial Standing Orders and Regulations


Assets register – details of items owned by the Parish Council


Risk Assessments


Monthly Accounts



20p per A4 side


20p per A4 side


Inspection upon Appointment with Clerk



20p per A4 side


20p per A4 side




20p per A4 side


20p per A4 side


20p per A4 side


20p per A4 side


Optional Class


12.  Burial Grounds


Burial Regulations available from the Parish Clerk


Copy of Plans




Free of Charge



on request side


A charge of £15.00 per hour or part thereof to be charged for any searches or work undertaken at the written request of members of the public.  All fees are payable in advance.  A hard copy or e-copy of this scheme shall be provided free of charge, upon written request.


All requests must be put in writing or email and addressed to:


Linda Blankley

Clerk to Wragby Parish Council


3 Longdales Place



Lincolnshire LN2 2JZ




Any requests for information held by E.L.D.C. should be addressed to:


East Lindsey District Council

Tedder Hall

Manby Park



LN11 8UP



This document is produced by Wragby Parish Council in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and was updated in May 2019.