D. & J. Dickinson

Tours and coach hire

Photograph of dickinsons coach


Dickinsons Travel offers a range of tours, holidays and excursions—from day trips to eight days with hotels and meals included. Through the year friendly coach trips could carry you directly from Wrangle on day trips, tours and shopping visits.

Photograph of dickinsons coach passengers

Dickinsons' fully up-to-date  27 to 53-seater coaches are also available for public and private hire. Most coaches in the 13-vehicle fleet are fitted with drop down TV screens, a refreshment bar and on-board toilets. Attention to passenger comfort is exemplified by this year's flagship coach which has the same number of seats in a longer body—giving ample knee space for all but the tallest among us. 

D.& J. Dickinson
Lincs. PE22 9DY

Tel./Fax: 01205 870633
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