New Farm Organics

Sells own organic potatoes, cauliflower, red/white/green cabbage, sweet corn, swedes, parsnip and beef.

New farm organics

Currently run by four family partners, New Farm Organics farms 500 acres in and around Wrangle and nearby Stickney. The family dates back to the 1700s—the second oldest family in the village. One of its two farms has been free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers since the 1800s, with both becoming officially organic in 1988. Respect for traditional farming methods led naturally to the environmental awareness of all the partners. They see environmental awareness as critical to the success of organic farming and the maintenance of good natural soil quality and growing conditions. Their land is therefore a haven for wildlife. Very large old hedges provide shelter and food for many species of birds and mammals. With advice from our local Farming, Wildlife Advisory Group 40 acres has been taken out of arable production and returned to pasture with ponds and 'scrapes' for the birds. Hedges have been planted and wild flower seed sown in the grassland.

As a small family run business, New Farm Organics says it has been able keep tight control over quality while ensuring total compliance with organic legislation. This allows it always to provide customers with the highest quality organic products that are truly traceable right back to the field they are grown in.

New Farm Organics regularly supplies organic produce to some of Britain's leading supermarkets, organic wholesalers and broad-reaching box schemes. The farm is registered with Organic Farmers and Growers and also holds EFSIS Farm Assurance FABBL and FABBL Crop and Assured Produce certificates.
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New Farm Organics
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