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Photograph of wrangle bowling green                          Photo by Pemser

Wrangle Bowls Club

Over 40 members play bowls on most weekday evenings throughout the summer.  The Club's teams of 9 or 12 players take part in six local leagues: Lincolnshire English Bowls Association League, East Coast League, Coningsby B League, Boston 3 Wood, and the Thursday Afternoon League.  Home matches are on the green at the Recreational Field.  The season runs from late April to early September.

Photograph of wrangle bowls club members

In addition to the green, which is renovated each Autumn, the Club maintains its own pavilion.  Club members received a Lottery Grant for a major renovation of the pavilion in 2000, and further funds to improve the facilities from  the police (for additional security) and Boston Borough Council for an electricity supply connection.
Newcomers, including complete novices, are always welcome. There is an Open Day held before the season in April, but any Thursday afternoon after that you are invited along to borrow at set of woods to see how you like it. Experienced team players are on hand to give advice and training and flat shoes are all you need to begin with.

Annual fees for women are £15 and for men (who have more competition opportunities) are £20.

The Club has an AGM in March.

For further information, contact:
Mrs. J. Young (Club Secretary)
Wrangle Bowls Club
Main Road
Lincs. PE22 9AJ

Tel.: 01205 870455

Wrangle Short Mat Bowls Club

The Wrangle Short Mat Bowls Club meet at 7.30pm on Thursday evenings, in the winter months, at the Parish Hall for a social evening of bowling. The annual season runs from September to April, when the summer season of outdoor bowling starts.

Everyone is welcome to join in, including novices. The club has three mats available.  Each session, players are organised into two teams (4 or 6 per mat) and play two games per evening.

Sessions cost members and guests £1.50, plus an annual membership of £10.

For more information contact Mr Vernon Forth (01205 870144), or Mrs Betty Dickinson (01205 870291).