About the Parish Council


The village of Allington lies five miles north-west of Grantham and ten miles south-east of Newark. The village’s history goes back to the very earliest Anglo-Saxon settlements. Unfortunately little is known about the Saxon village except that it became Christian and was sufficiently prosperous to have a stone church on the site of the present one dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Stones bearing Saxon carvings were found early in the twentieth century.

One of the oldest parts of the village is the Green with its Cross, and the Salt Well on Sedgebrook Road. There has a Cross on the Green since the early parts of the 15th Century. Early documents date the Salt Well to the early 13th century.

Present day Allington has the popular Welby Arms, a shop - The Post Office and Allington with Sedgebrook Primary School. One of the village’s most notable buildings is the Old Manor House, whose 17th century Dutch gables can be seen from the village green.

Allington’s Parish Council has seven councillors. The Council meet every second Wednesday during the months of January, March, May, July, September and November. Meetings are held in the Village Hall starting at 7.30pm. The Councillors are keen to serve the needs of all residents in the village. They are, therefore, always pleased to hear ideas, concerns or suggestions about anything that would benefit the village.