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Photo by Bardney War Memorial following Remembrance Day commemorations

Bardney War Memorial



Re:  140854 94 Wragby Rd, Bardney  Planning application for the erection of 5no. dwellings and associated works following removal of existing buildings.

As Chairman of Bardney Group Parish Council, I was very disappointed to discover that the above planning application has been granted by West Lindsey District Council.  BGPC along with several local residents had registered objections to the proposals on the grounds of parking, drainage, infrastructure and privacy. 

The planning permission has been granted with a condition that ‘Construction work shall only be undertaken between the hours of 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 1pm on a Saturday and not on a Sunday or Bank Holiday’.  However further on in the documentation there is the following statement;

"Where there are modest or short-term changes to construction working hours, this may be agreed informally with the local planning authority, and they should use their discretion to not enforce against a breach of working hours." Therefore a request could be made to change these hours of working however WLDC would have to consider whether an extension to these times would be acceptable.

Once planning permission has been granted it cannot be overturned and the only recourse available is via a Judicial Review (this system was used in relation to the Lea Grove planning application in 2018).  Judicial Reviews can only be registered within six weeks of the date of the Decision to grant permission.  Unfortunately the Decision was made on 23.07.20 however WLDC have only put the documentation online today, which is outside the six week period.  This action by WLDC is extremely disappointing.

Planning applications can, and are, heard by Planning Committee’s rather than just decided by a planning officer.  Unfortunately, this application was not heard by the WLDC Planning Committee, who did however, consider a similar application in Nettleham only last month.

Should the construction cause any problems please do not hesitate to get in touch with me on 07495 748672 or or call the Parish Office on 01526 397406.


The next Full Council Meeting is scheduled for Thursday 17th September 2020 at 7pm.  In accordance with current legislation the meeting will be held remotely via Zoom.  The agenda will be posted three working days prior to the meeting and will contain details of how to access the meeting via Zoom.

The Zoom ID refence and password will be available from the Agenda which will be posted three working days prior to the meeting.  The Agendas are available on this website, please see the Parish Council meeting tab on the left hand side.


The next Personnel and Review meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 29th September at 1.30pm.  This will be held remotely and the agenda and Zoom codes will be posted closer to the date under the Parish Council meeting tab on the left hand side. 


Recovery works from November 2019 flooding

This week we will start the next phase of works to permanently repair damage to the left embankment on the Barlings Eau, which suffered a breach and erosion damage last November.

Works to rebuild the embankment and cut down the sheet piling level with the top of the bank, are due to commence on the 18th August 2020. We will be installing surface erosion protection to help prevent future erosion. The embankment will then be covered with top soil and grass seed.

Vegetation clearance has already taken place to allow the contractors to access the site. Works are expected to be completed in November 2020.

The photograph (left) shows the sheet piling, currently left long above the level of the embankment, at the site of the main breach.

During Coronavirus we are carrying out the repair of our assets where it remains safe to do so and we can support our teams by providing guidance on safe systems of working based on the latest Public Health England advice.

Our work maintaining and refurbishing existing assets is essential to mitigate increased flood risk for people, homes and businesses.

We are supporting our contractors delivering work on our behalf with clear guidance, carrying out assurance checks and providing public signage on site.

We continue to encourage people to sign up for free flood warnings by contacting Floodline on 0345 988 1188. Being signed up to the flood warning service means we can warn people directly of any flooding in the area that could affect their property.

August 2020


16th April 2020 Full Council Meeting CANCELLED due to COVID restrictions. The 21st May Meeting will be going ahead REMOTELY. Details of how to access proceedings will be provided nearer the date.


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