Bardney Doctors Surgery

BGPC has listened to concerns of residents regarding healthcare provision in our area. Cllr Malcolm Speed and Cllr Sally Zubic have worked hard to address this issue, with several meetings taking place over the summer with the Lincolnshire East Clinical Commissioning Group


What is changing?

From Monday 22nd July 2019, all patients of Woodhall Spa New Surgery, including those who traditionally attend the branch site in Bardney, will be able to contact the surgery between 8.00am and 6.30pm to book an appointment. At times when the Bardney branch site is closed, the staff at Woodhall Spa will be happy to make an appointment for you at your preferred site.

Also, if you normally attend Woodhall Spa New Surgery but would find it more convenient to be seen at the Bardney branch, please tell the receptionist. Similarly patients who usually attend the branch site can ask for an appointment at the main site in Woodhall Spa if they prefer.

It is very important that you make your location preference clear when you speak to the receptionist to book an appointment.

If there are no appointments available at your preferred site, you may be offered an appointment at the other site. Please do not queue outside the Bardney branch before it opens at 10.00am as the appointments will almost certainly have been taken by patients ringing from 8.00am or booking online.

{For further information please see our Summer Newsletter or the leaflet at reception)



In accordance with NHS England guid elines we are pleased to announce that, from the 1st July 2019, we will be making 25% of appoint ments at t he surgery available to be booked online. Patients who have signed up to online services will be able to book an appointment with the doctor, advanced pract it ione r (ANP), practice nurse or healthcare assistant (HCA) at their preferred site.

New appointments will no longer be released from Tuesday afternoon onwards but in a rolling release programme for the weeks ahead. New appointments will be released each day, so if there are no appointments available to book that day, please try the next. Half of our appointments will continue to be reserved for matters that are medically urgent or must be dealt with on the day and, as always, these can also be booked via the telephone, by calling into the surgery and speaking with one of our reception team, as well as online.

Finally, if all the appointments for the day are gone, it will be possible to leave a message for the doctor, who will be able to offer advice and guidance for a matter that is medically urgent for the day.

As well as improving online access, following discussions with patient groups, the Care Quality Commission and Lincolnshire East Clinical Commissioning Group, we are taking the opportunity to streamline our appointment provision, so that every patient is treated exactly the same. All our patients are registered at Woodhall Spa New Surgery, although some of you find it more convenient to be seen at our branch site in Bardney. Some patients who prefer to use the branch sit e report that they found it difficult to obtain an appointment, as they are unable to wait until 10.00am (when Bardney branch used to take the telephone lines through) and would prefer to be able to book an appointment at 8.00am, as well as have the option to be seen at Woodhall Spa New Surgery if required. Some patients who live closer to the branch site would also prefer to be able to book an appointment at the main site in Woodhall Spa.

There has never been a rule to prevent patients from either site attending the alternate sit e. However, because we have provided an equitable split of appointments at both sites, patients have tended to visit their most local site for their appointments.

We believe that we understand our population and how our service needs to be structured to best provide ongoing high-quality care to our patients. There are increasing challenges to GP services across the country. Building development s are swelling local populations and the demand for appointments. There is an unprecedented recruitment crisis across the country but particularly in Lincolnshire. There is an ageing GP workforce, with many surgeries due to have multiple GPs ret ire in the near future with nobody to replace them.

Can I still contact the surgery by telephone?

Please continue to call your usual surgery number. Woodhall Spa New Surgery receptionists will be happy to help when the branch sit e is closed. Please bear in mind that, as the Bardney branch site will not be open until 10.00am, this will increase the number of phone calls passing through Woodhall Spa New Surgery from 8.00am onwards as both sets of patients will be calling at the same time. Please be aware that this will increase telephone waiting times to speak to a receptionist to book an appointment for ALL PATIENTS.

What should I do?

We strongly recommend that patients sign up to Online Services, which will enable you to order medication, book appointments and review your medical records online. You will then be able to book appointments 24/ 7, at weekends and at any other time when the surgery is closed. If you have not yet signed up for Online Services, please pick up a registration form from either Woodhall Spa New Surgery or our branch site in Bardney.

The reception staff will be able to so rt out online access for you once you have completed the sign-up form and provided photographic proof of ID.

What other options do I have?

Finally, we would like to remind all our patients that, if you would prefer to be seen out-of­ hours, after 6.30pm or at the weekend, it is possible for our reception staff to book you a 15-minute appointment with a GP, ANP or physiotherapist at the Hub site at Louth County Hospital. Whilst you will have to travel to Louth for this appointment, you will be able to be seen by a clinician at a date and time that is more convenient for you.

We thank you for your understanding during this period of adjustment and we look forward to seeing how these proposed changes shape our future service. The landscape of the NHS is a challenging and changing one. We hope you can help support us, as we support you, to protect not only the proud heritage, but also the future of our NHS.

Drs Baker, Gibbon, Berry & Hyde Woodhall Spa New Surgery