Bardney Bridge renovations



The bridge will be closed between Monday 15th April (planned time 07.30) and Friday 5th July. It will re-open for the Easter Weekend. The bridge will reopen again on Thursday 18th April (planned time 17.00)and closing again on Easter Tuesday 23rd April (planned time 07.30). Please plan your journey times to allow additional time if travelling within the closure times

During the Easter holidays, the 'trigger' signs which intercept travellers as they approach Bardney, will be laid down, but the signs along the diversion route (diverted traffic arrows etc.) will remain standing (because without the triggers they won't be actually directing anyone, and it saves time and money putting them all back up again after the break).


There will be access for pedestrians and cyclists, however cyclists must dismount and walk over the bridge


It is possible to park vehicles on the Causeway or in the paddock of Sloop House.

Parking at Sloop House is by private arrangement and is not linked to BGPC or LCC. The paddock should be able to accommodate between 25 -30 cars safely. Access will be via the drive at the front of the property and there will be a nominal day/night charge of £4 per car (pre-booking recommended). Booking can be made on 07887 754002.

Traffic Management and car parking; On the Bardney side, the road will be barriered off close to the entrance to the sugar/Ryvita site. On the Potterhanworth side the road will be fully closed after the first bend (as approaching from Potter), but it will signed as 'closed ahead' as far back as the old Plough pub junction.

There will be staggered concrete barriers at the Wasps Nest junction to force traffic to slow down, and a signed 5mph speed restriction between those barriers and the bridge.

Please do not park at the Wasps Nest junction because that will be the last position that an HGV which has ignored signs at the Plough can turn around and space will be needed for that (there will be 'no parking' cones in place). Irresponsibly parked cars could get damaged by a reversing lorry. Unfortunately since the introduction of satnav a lot of drivers don't seem to read road closure signs, and some will drive right up to the junction before realising they need to turn round.

If you wish to park on the Potter side of the bridge; There will be 'no parking' cones on the right hand side as you drive towards the bridge and parking available on the left hand side. Please proceed to the bend before the bridge, where there is space to turn your car around, then park facing Potter.

There will be a traffic management man on site for the first two weeks to assist people until everyone gets used to the layout. There will be 'no parking' cones at the accesses to private residences along this stretch of road, please respect this and do not obstruct access to people's property.

Owner's Risk; As I have mentioned in earlier messages, all cars parked on the Causeway and other highway, are parked at the owner's risk. The County Council recommends that drivers follow signed diversion routes or other public highway routes around the closure. The traffic management is being provided because we understand there are people who would prefer to park on the Potter side than use alternate routes, and if that is the case we would like to assist in making sure they do so in a safe manner.

Safety; I'm sure for most folk it goes without saying, but please drive slowly, carefully and courteously within the 5mph limited section of road. There may be pedestrians making their way to/from parked cars, there may be cyclists coming towards you, there may be other moving vehicles, and there will be site traffic which needs to access the works. Any vehicles which obstruct access to the site by parking where there are 'no parking' cones within the traffic management zone may be towed away.


The time table for the public bus travelling between Lincoln and Horncastle via Bardney is listed at the bottom of this page. The ASDA bus will maintain it's usual timetable but travel via Fiskerton and Cherry Willingham. The number 29 which travels between Bardney and Lincoln will remain the same. If you encounter any problems with the bus services please get in contact with BGPC. The parish council have concerns regarding capacity of the public bus service between Horncastle and Lincoln, as this has now created an additional service for the residents of Cherry Willingham and Fiskerton. BGPC strongly feel that the service should be protected, to serve those most affected by the temporary road closure.


The timetable for the school bus is listed below. If you encounter any problems with the bus services please get in contact with BGPC. The parish council have concerns regarding capacity of the school bus service between Bardney, Southrey, and Branston School. This service has now created an additional service between Lincoln and Woodhall Spa (in fact created a earlier service than that normally available). BGPC strongly feel that the service should be protected to serve those affected by the temporary road closure.


End of Week 9 (Friday 14th June)

Works carried out this week;

Scaffolding to the underside of the Eastern half of the bridge ready for grit-blasting, repairing, preparing and painting has started. Final coat painting / touching up and snagging is continuing.

The railings leading upto the structure are also currently being painted in keeping with the rest of the structure. Continued preparation of the concrete bridge deck is ongoing in readiness for the waterproofing membrane to be applied to the bridge deck early next week. Excavations of trenches across the back of the bridge deck have been completed to enable waterproofing to be applied as required.

Due to the inclement weather we have had during this week we have been experiencing issues regarding the waterway pontoon fender system that guides watercraft away from the underhanging scaffold as directed by the Canals and River Trust. Without this, the scaffold is unprotected and therefore deemed unsafe for the operatives to work on it. The access to the scaffolding is also affected by the swollen river and has hampered our efforts to continue to work unhindered by the weather. The excessive rainfall has introduced a potential risk to our completion to programme. I am still confident that if there is a delay it will be minimal and we are doing everything we can to make up for the time lost due to the heavy rainfall. I want you to be prepared for the outside risk of a minor delay to completion on the proposed date.

Works to be carried out next week;

The scaffolding and encapsulation works will continue. Once completed, the grit-blasting will then re-commence in advance of the repairing, preparing and painting of the underside of the Eastern half of bridge. Weather permitting there will be the waterproofing membrane sprayed onto and down the sides of the bridge deck. Final coat painting / touching up and snagging will also continue.

Safe access across the bridge;

Now that activity on the bridge deck is more intensive pedestrians crossing the bridge are asked to remain vigilant whilst they walk through the temporary pedestrian thoroughfare. There are operatives available to escort the public over the bridge whilst works are taking place on the deck.

Planned Surfacing works w/c 24 June;

I understand that some information is currently being circulated regarding the surfacing phase of the bridgeworks and along Station Road in Bardney w/c 24 June. Our surfacing teams have been in touch with the sites that will be directly affected. We are currently discussing phased plans that will be a balance between completing the works as safely and efficiently as possible and allowing access across the bridge at certain times. I do expect that the proposed plan may cause some delay to some people but we are trying to formulate a workable solution for all parties concerned. At this stage I will say that we will do our best to allow safe access across the bridge for pedestrians when possible. Laying the surfacing material is a hazardous and labour intensive operation. We have a duty of care to keep the public as well as the operatives on site safe and at the same time carry out our works as efficiently as possible.

I understand your need for the information and I will make sure that accurate information is given to BGPC as soon as it is available. For now the proposals are as follows:

Day 1

lay the first layer of material on the bridge deck and plane out the surfacing on Station Road for approximately 230m.

Day 2

lay the majority of the surfacing on Station Road (HGV access will be limited)

Day 3

lay the upper layer of surfacing over the bridge and complete the remaining sections on Station Road. (again HGV access will be limited)

Day 4

White lining the surfacing If any unforeseen issues are encountered we will use the last day of the week to address them.

Please see the attachment relating to the road surface repairs that will occur during the bridge closure. This work will take place the week commencing 24.06.19


Attached below are the public and school bus timetables