COVID 19 Information

Help during COVID 19 in Bardney and the surrounding villages

Clean Hands, Open Hearts

There is help available if;

• you are self-isolating,

• in a high risk category,

• help if your struggling with shopping.

We also have a small food bank to help if your finances are tight and there are other ways we can help.

In addition to this, there are people in and around who are happy to have a chat on the phone if you are feeling in need of human contact.

If you need help then if you ring one of the numbers below, they will do their best, to help you to find the support that you need.


Rev David Bartlett 01526 397363

Shona Ambrose 01526 398802

Dawn Thomas 07557907602

Anna Lawson (BGPC) 01526 397406

Some of the support available to all - delivery available Meals on Wheels Available Wednesday and Friday 07971856905

Salted Orange Food Caterers in partnership with Age UK are able to supply meals with a special deal for those over 65yrs 07792419730

Butchers Tony Garrill Butcher of Bardney 01526 398385

Julie Ann Clarke Fruit and vegetable boxes 07851021515

Urban Foundations Outreach Project Supply food Larder parcels or Hot Meals 07395 905352

A list of other businesses and organisations able to supply food and services to our area can be found on the new website Bardney Eats

This list is accurate at the time of going to print - 17th April 2020


19.03.20 Update from Resilient Lincs and Community Volunteer Cell.

Please see below information and advice that relate to community action against Coronavirus (Covid-19), the information below comes as a consequence of engagement that we have had to date with members of the public, organisations who are offering advice and County Councillors.

All up to date information will be made available here

Advice for individuals and groups If you are looking to support members of the community who are vulnerable and self-isolating, the advice is as follows:

For individuals who want to volunteer – please contact either the British Red Cross, Age UK, your local Town or Parish Council or Community Emergency Planning Group or other local charity to find out how you can get involved.

For people who have set up a new group (either on Facebook or through other methods) – the most affective thing to do is to coordinate your activity through either your local Town or Parish Council, local community hub or another local charity (such as British Red Cross, Age UK etc.). By working with your local Parish Council or existing group (mentioned above), the coordination of the support will be more effective within your community which can help reduce the risk to your volunteers and to local residents (existing bodies will have insurance and protocols in place already).

Promotional material

If you are producing leaflets or posters that you would like to distribute throughout your local community, please send a copy to where we can ensure that any advice or information is up to date.

Local activities

If you are collecting information about activities in your local area (such as Facebook groups, local volunteer groups, support groups etc.) Please share with us by sending to as we are currently collating all this information in order to help us coordinate a county-wide response in the coming days, weeks and months. By working together and sharing this information we will be able to support those vulnerable people within the community needed most.


Whilst there are lots of people and groups who are doing amazing work in local communities, we need to be aware that there are people who will use the current situation to exploit others for their own benefit.

Scams can come in the form of people knocking on your door, fraudulent emails, phone calls, text messages or posts via social media. Fraudsters will attempt to get recipients to disclose personal or financial information or click on links that may contain malware - which then will be used for their own fraudulent purposes. If you receive any such fraudulent contact please report via:

• Lincs Police 101

• Action Fraud or Tel 0300 123 2040

• Citizens Advice Scam Advice helpline 0808 250 5050 from 9am – 5pm

For info see websites:

A key message to remember is Take Five – STOP – CHALLENGE – PROTECT

• Stop: Take a moment to stop and think before parting with your money or information could keep you safe

• Challenge: could it be fake? Its ok to reject, refuse or ignore any requests. Only criminals will try to rush or panic you.

• Protect: Contact your bank immediately if you think you’ve fallen for a scam and report it to Action Fraud

We will be sending updates every day from Monday to Friday at around midday; if you do not want to receive these updates please let us know.

Stay safe and stay well!

LRF- Communities and Volunteer Coordination Cell


17.03.20 BGPC's steps to deal with COVID 19

Unfortunately we are living in challenging times and everyone is having to adjust to a 'new normal'.

BGPC are also in contact with Resilient Lincs and Volunteer Community Cell, which is a Lincolnshire County Council initiative. This organisation can provide advice and support to communities during times like this.

The latest information about COVID 19 will be posted on the BGPC website.

Here at BGPC we are implementing some changes to allow staff and councillors to continue working.

* The Parish Office will continue to operate, however it will be closed to visitors from 5pm on Friday. Staff and councillors can still be contacted via 01526 397406 or

* Anyone wishing to transfer Exclusive Rights of Burial (ERB) will need to advise BGPC by 4pm on Thursday 19th March, in order for paperwork to be completed by 5pm on Friday 20th March.

* Allotment renewals will go ahead as usual and everyone will be written to.

* The full council meeting scheduled for this Thursday (19th March) will still go ahead, however attendees will be asked to wash hands on arrival. A decision about future meetings will be made at that meeting subject to the legal advice.

The situation is constantly changing and we will provide updates as soon as we receive them.


16.03.20 Scheme to support the elderly and vulnerable

Several people have been in touch to ask how they can help the community and as such BGPC have been in touch with various organisations. Over the coming months, we will be working with St Lawrence Church to support those who are helping others in the community.

As such we are promoting ‘Clean Hands and Open Hearts’, whereby people look after themselves as well as helping others. As Covid 19 could affect anyone and everyone, it is important to encourage people to look after each other, ideally by making contact with those living closeby who are elderly, on their own or vulnerable. Put simply, be neighbourly to help the wider community.

Good principles to work to when making visiting people are;

a) make sure that you have clean hands (and don’t have any symptoms),

b) adopt the social distancing practice of keeping two meters between people,

c) visit in pairs if possible.

Mental wellbeing is as important and physical wellbeing during these events and therefore staying in touch via email and phone is just as important as delivering food and medication.

If you or someone you know, does not have anyone keeping an eye on them, then please contact either BGPC on 01526 397406 or or Rev David Bartlett on 01526 397363 or email

The latest information about Covid 19 and accessing services will be posted on the Parish Council’s website. Resilient Lincs are taking the lead with this issue and are advising Parish and Town Council’s over best practice. The aim is to keep the Parish Office open for as long as possible, however staff are able to work from home if it becomes necessary for them to self-isolate.

By looking after each other, our community has the best chance of weathering the coming storm.