Photograph of a view of Bolingbroke village

Old Bolingbroke

Welcome to the Bolingbroke Parish Council website.

Nestling at the southern foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds, Old Bolingbroke was once an important gateway to the Wolds from the Fens in the South.  The village is home to the remains of Bolingbroke Castle, which was built around 1220 by Randulph de Blundevill, Earl of Lincoln.  In 1366 Henry of Bolingbroke was born here and later became Henry IV King of England.  Today the castle is owned by English Heritage, managed locally by the Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire and is open to the public. Local community connections, event management and an excellent history archive is controlled through the Friends of Bolingbroke Castle Group which is active in the village. <\/p>

The village is set in beautiful Lincolnshire countryside and surrounded on three sides by hills. Much of the village lies within the Conservation Area.  There are many good walks and outstanding natural views around about. Snipe Dales Country Park is close by.  Within the village there is a Church, a chapel and a public house (The Black Horse). The nearest shopping area is in the market town of Spilsby some 3.5 miles northeast and Horncastle is 7 miles away. There are several holiday cottages located within the village and there is limited public transport to Spilsby.<\/p>

Boston lies some 15 miles to the south with Lincoln 29 miles west.<\/p>

The Parish Council area includes Hareby.<\/p>

The Parish Council is made up of 7 elected Councilors and has a paid part time Clerk. See the Parish Councillors section for details.
The Parish Council meets every two months at the Ramsden Village Hall. Agendas will be posted onto the web site.<\/p>

This web site is a new fully established site for the Parish Council. Agendas and Minutes from May 2007 are provided included and will include background papers and related material where possible. However please bear with us if some papers appear missing or incomplete. We will try and identify gaps and fill these as they become identified and if there is anything you consider could be usefully added please let us know via the feedback facility.<\/p>

As time passes we hope that the site will increasingly become community focused and able to host or link to other community groups and busineses active in the parish. If you are one of those groups or businesses and would like to have your details and activities hosted on the Parish Web site please get in touch.<\/p>

We have added a new page "News Events and Stories" where we signpost any specific happenings, projects, successes or anything else that matter that has come to the Council's attention, outside of the standard agendas and minutes.<\/p>

Photograph of a view of bolingbroke castle in the snow

Photo by Howard Giles<\/p>

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