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Grid ref TF3365 - Hareby village, Hareby Church and surrounding views

Grid ref TF3364 - Kirkby Hill, the old windmill, Hungry Hill and surrounding views http://www.geograph.org.uk/search.php?i=11774798

Grid ref TF3465 - Old Bolingbroke village, Bolingbroke Church and its interior, Bolingbroke Castle and moat renovation, Re-enactment of the Siege of Bolingbroke Castle (2003), Hareby Hill, Horncastle Hill, Dewy Hill and surrounding views

Grid ref TF3565 - Old Bolingbroke Chapel and village, Bolingbroke Castle, rout yard and moat renovation, Sow Dale nature reserve, footpath to Hundleby and surrounding views

Grid ref TF3563 - Footpath to Hall Hill and surrounding views

Grid ref TF3664 - High Barn and surrounding views

Grid ref TF3663 - Footpath to Hall Hill and surrounding views, West Keal Church and interior