Introduction to Bourne Town Council
Bourne Town Council came into being in 1974 following the Local Government Act 1972.  Although called "Town Council" its responsibilities and powers are the same as any Parish Council.  It has certain duties that it must undertake by law and carries out activities within its boundary.  The Parish is made up of Bourne and the villages of Cawthorpe, Dyke and Twenty. 

The Town Council, which meets nominally at six-weekly intervals, is made up of 15 councillors.  The Parish is divided into 2 areas, "East" and "West" wards, with 7 representing the East ward and 8 representing the West ward.  Each year, in May, one of the numbers is elected as Chairman of the Council, also known as the Town Mayor.  The Council is served by the Town Clerk a Deputy Town Clerk and one Assistant who carry out the day-to-day management of the Council and implement its decisions ensuring that all the legal requirements are complied with by the Council.

There are four Standing Committees of the Council.  They make resolutions under their limited delegated powers within their budgets and outside their powers they make recommendations to the council. Committees meet regularly within the council's 6 weekly cycle. At its Annual Meeting the Council appoints the Chairmen of three of its committees, which are: Highways & Planning (including Public Health), Amenities and Finance & General Purposes and the Human Resources Committee elects its own Chairman at its first meeting.

As a Town Council we have a responsibility to our residents and visitors alike, but as it is our residents who pay the Council Tax, it is there that the emphasis lies.

Bourne Town Council has relatively few responsibilities as far as public property is concerned, but the council takes its responsibilities seriously and tries to do what's best for everyone, within the resources available to the council.  Bourne Town Council owns and manages Bourne cemetery including the residential bungalow incorporated within it, allotments at South Fen Road and Christmas illuminations.  In April 2013 Bourne Town Council provided new toilets for the public and retained the responsibility for their maintenance.  The new site contains two fully equipped disabled/unisex toilets and one of them is also equipped with a baby changing facility.  The toilets are located outside the SK Community Access Point & Library at 3 Abbey Road, Bourne.  The council also employs a part-time Community Cleaner.

Bourne Town Council, like other employers, is under a duty to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare at work of all its employees.  The obligation includes, amongst others, the maintenance of a place of work and a working environment in a condition that is safe and without risks to health.